10 foods that start with "A"

It is known as Acuka in Western Turkey, and the name accordingly changes , the further south we travel, where it is known as muhammara.


A sweet porridge determines it’s name as Ashura which is made out of grains, normal items, dried verdant food varieties. The Sufi Muslims in the Balkans set up this food throughout Muharram.


This is well known in Italian, German, Indian and Mexican Cooking. Anise seed is utilized in desserts, Italian Biscotti and so on Anise tastes sweet, blazing and is incredibly fragrant.


The dish is set up with salted cod, tomatoes, onions-enhanced with bacon and peppers. It very well may be presented with bread and Bananas.

Ackee and Saltfish

There is a platitude that ” An Apple ordinary, fends Doctor off.” It is a red hued organic product when it’s completely aged and green when it’s at a beginning phase.


It has oak seed in it’s name , yet it is’nt actually associated with oak seeds. This squash is occasional, ready to eat in the chilly climate months.

Acorn Squash

Having some almonds in the morning in empty stomach will give a sparkling glamour to your skin. You can add them to oatmeal or any other light snack


Italian dish with cheesy pasta, which is made with cheese, butter milk. You can think of a completely new, innovative idea by adding these ingredients.

Alfredo Sauce

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