10 Scientific Benefits of Yoga

Improves Flexibility

Yoga offers many styles to choose from, varying in intensity from high to moderate to mild. Even the lowest intensity styles have been found to increase flexibility

Helps with stress relief

the physical practice is just one aspect of yoga. Meditation, breath work, and auditory rituals, like chanting and sound baths, have all also been shown to significantly lessen tension and relieve stress

Improves  Mental health

the effects of yoga-based treatments on depressive symptoms overwhelmingly concluded that yoga can now be considered an effective alternative treatment for MDD [Major depressive disorder ]

Reduce Inflammation

Yoga — of various styles, intensities, and durations — reduced the biochemical markers of inflammation across several chronic conditions

Increase your Strength

While most people associate yoga with stretching and flexibility, some types of yoga classes can also be considered strength-building. It just depends on the class level, approach, and teacher.

Reduce Anxiety

yoga asana may be effective as an alternative treatment for anxiety disorders, though several of the researchers request additional replicated studies before conclusively stating as much

Boost Immunity

When your immunity is compromised, you’re more susceptible to illness. However, as discussed earlier, yoga is considered a scientifically backed alternative treatment for stress.

Improve  Balance

Yoga asana can also be helpful at improving balance in people with brain injuries. daptive yoga or chair yoga can be especially helpful for older adults or people with injuries who are less mobile or for whom balance is a concern.

Improve Self-esteem

The good news is that several recent studies show positive results when using yoga for improving self-esteem and perceived body image in these populations

Improve Bone Health

Many postures in yoga are isometric contractions, meaning the length of the muscles holding the pose doesn’t change, though they are fully engaged.

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