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5 Best Homemade Navratri Recipes

You will find an easy recipe method to make a mango milkshake. This mango milkshake is easy on fasting days. The traditional dairy milkshake or a vegan shake is made with coconut milk.

Mango milkshake

It is very easy to make as it does only require raw banana, oil to deep fry, and salt to taste. The most popular variant is the potato-based chips which even comes with different flavor and shapes.

Banana Wafers

we cannot eat the original tikka recipe during the Navratri or saavan fasting days. Falhari tikka is inspired by this. We use the original tikka recipe but make it gluten-free.

Farali paneer tikka

Moraiya na Dahi vada is a fabulous recipe for samvat rice. You can’t imagine that the farali Dahi Wada can replace the regular Dahi Wada to satisfy your hunger pangs on vrat days.

Farali Dahi Vada

Handvo is a traditional healthy Gujarati cuisine made with different kinds of lentils and rice. It is a lentil vegetable mixed savory cake. But today we are making a fasting handvo in appe pan with some fasting ingredients.

Farali Handvo

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