7 Unique Indian Street Food

Pani puri

Pani Puri is the superstar of this category. It has varieties of names respective to the states, and it is more famous in Mumbai. It is usually served at cold temperatures...

Sugarcane juice

sugarcane is the abundant fruit where we search for most. This is much famous in Uttar Pradesh, where sugarcane is produce at a higher rate over there...


Punjab is the best known that produces tasty and healthy lassi. Lassi is one of the recent beverages. Which is like by all the people even in the southern region, which is also known as yogurt....


It is one is the best roadside food available in Madurai, Tamil nadu. In this word, “jigar” means heart and “dhanda” means cool, which portrays heart-cooling.

Tender coconut

It s known as “gods own country”. Tender coconut is a roadside beverage, and it may also be available at homes. If you are interest in planting the tree.


This is one of the worldwide snacks. Those are well known by most people. Which is easily available at home. But we prefer to have it on roadsides.

Vada pav

We came across a phrase called “old is gold”, where it suits best for vada pav. It is very famous in Maharashtra, where a deep fry vada is placed between plain flour bread.

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