All-powerful foods to prevent high cholesterol


Avocados are one of the most healthy food you can eat in your daily routine. When it comes to health benefits avocados always stay on top. Despite many health benefits, avocados are also known as food.


Oats are both healthy and delicious food you can add to your diet. Also, oats fall under the category of whole grains. The best time to eat oats is at the time of morning breakfast.


Pulses are an excellent source of low cholesterol food. Also, pulses are very nutritious to health and have many health benefits. It has many minerals, proteins, and fibers.


Almonds fall under the category of nuts. They are the most nutritious when it comes to the energy of the body. Many nutrients which are associated with good heart health are filled in almonds.


Garlic also known as ‘lehsun’ is one of the ancient remedies use to cure any disease. Also, garlic is also refer to as a powerful food. That helps in the prevention of high cholesterol levels in the body.


Spinach comes under the category of green leafy vegetables. Green vegetables are one of the best foods you must eat daily. Despite any kind of health benefits. Spinach helps a lot in the maintenance of good cholesterol levels in the body.

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