List of Foods that start with "J"

Jack fruit

One of the tastiest fruit even on this planet is jack fruit. It is very famous in several countries because of its natural shape and sweetness


It’s mostly consume as breakfast and snack along with bread and roti. These have a high sugar value, and it releases certain hormones that bring a happy mood.


We all love juices because it has their varieties, and we have many options to choose one. The main purpose of juice is to maintain hydration in our bodies.


A semi-solid jelly is known for its nature, and it is one of the best desserts in any buffet plan. We all love jelly, especially kids, it helps to protect our skin.

Jelly beans

It is another form of jelly, a small-sized one available in most of the candy shops. Because kids will love this candy, especially where it doesn’t have any nutritional value.


It is one of the best beverages to have that you’re never going to miss in your life. It is filled with caramel, rich in taste, and added with ice cream.


It is one of the famous Indian sweets, especially in north India. It’s made up of blend sugar along with ghee and oil. This is mostly cooked during festival times.


When compared to sugar, jaggery is far better where it has more sucrose that helps to maintain your sugar level and glucose level as well.

Jam roll

It is one of the best and favorite snacks to most of us, as the bun has been roll with tasty jam and some coconut strips have also been added over it.

Jaffa cakes

Jaffa cakes are a favorite snack for various sportsperson. It is usually fill with chocolate flavor, and the cake is bake in a biscuit form.

Jerk chicken

This is the most favorite one on American continents. It is a kind of barbeque, but the primary difference is the chicken is add with spicy and sour flavors.

Jeers rice

It is one of the best main courses where it is consume from kids to adults, high in carbohydrates so that the energy level is high. Jeera helps to boost the digestion rate and the side dish for jeera rice