Benefits of Lemongrass

Relieve pain and improve level of sugar blood

Lemongrass is a rich source of iron. It’s treating conditions such as anemia or other iron deficiency which can lead to hair loss

Strengthens hair follicles

In the other words, lemongrass possesses antibacterial as well as antifungal effects. Which can aid to relieve pain and curing fever also.

Possess phytochemical properties

As per a study, individuals who consumed lemongrass showed a gradual decrease in blood pressure levels. They also showed a reduced count of heart.

Lowers extended blood level

Lemongrass helps in making fresh fragrance products. Like in many soaps, candles, disinfectants, and insects repellents. It has various industrial uses.

Production of goods

Green tea is very beneficial for our health. Likewise, we can enjoy lemongrass tea. Which helps in several benefits. Like reduction in cholesterol level, it also aids to cure cancer

Reduces cholesterol

Lemongrass is a diuretic. It can work against gastric ulcers. Consumption of lemongrass works for tummy problems, cramps, and other assimilation problems.

Promote healthy digestion

It is find that lemongrass has anti-anxiety effects. It has the power to work against apprehension. As per a study, inhaling lemongrass can reduce apprehension levels in humans.

Works against apprehension

Some researchers claim that pregnant women should avoid lemongrass.

Pregnancy concern

Some researchers suggest that lemongrass can aid to stop the spreading of infection as well as contagious diseases. It can help to stop the transmission of disease from one individual to another.

Stops spreading of contagious diseases

Today people commonly suffer ache in different body parts. Lemongrass can help to reduce aches. Thus, consuming lemongrass can help an individual to get rid of the pain.

Reduces ache

Lemongrass can help to cure oral diseases as it possesses antiparasitic effects. It has the power to work against bacillus. Like bacillus responsible for degradation of the tooth.

Possess ant parasitic effects

Swelling is a common problem face by many people. It can also lead to other harmful diseases. It is find that lemongrass has anti- inflaming effects.

Has anti- inflaming effects

Citral present in lemongrass is known to work against malignancy corpuscles. Sometimes lemongrass beverage is use in therapies to cure diseases like malignancy.

Lowers chance of malignancy

Lemongrass beverage is a very effective drink that helps to reduce human weight. It is widely consume by many people to lower body weight.

Helps to lower body weight

To prevent the chance of negative effects, one should begin with a cup of lemongrass on daily basis. If you can handle it, you can further increase the quantity.

How to consume lemongrass

How to form a lemongrass beverage:

1. Put a cup of hot water with 1 or 3 tablespoons of dehydrated lemongrass. 2. Stir for about 5 minutes 3. Strain the beverage into a mug. 4. Enjoy warm or include ice crystal to chill lemongrass beverage.

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