Breakfast Foods

For Healthy Digestive System


papaya is the perfect food to start the day with for a healthy gut. Starting your morning with papaya can help boost digestive function throughout the day


Apple is rich in Vitamin A, C and also contains a number of minerals and potassium. It helps tackling the problem of constipation and also maintains a healthy digestive system thanks to it being rich in fibre.


The humble summer vegetable contains an enzyme called Erepsin which aids in proper digestion. The miraculous effects of this simple food are manifold such as providing relief from stomach acidity, gastritis


The benefits of banana for digestion are well-known, due to its high fibre content, which is also important for good bowel movement. A single banana is a fulfilling and satiating addition to your breakfast meal.


Honey and lemon with warm water is known to improve both digestion and immunity. Having it early in the morning on an empty stomach can help boost your metabolism

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