Best diet food & healthy diet habits

for your fast weight loss

Best Diet Food


Green Vegetables

The benefits and importance of eating green leafy vegetables are not hidden anywhere. Our grandparents always advise us to eat green vegetables. Because they are highly nutritious especially leafy vegetables.


Berries are one of the tastiest and best diet food you can consume. These are very delicious, at the same time, it promotes weight loss and helps in burning fat. Berries like strawberries, cranberries, goji berries, and raspberries you can include in your diet. These are a good source of fibers.


Nuts, nuts, nuts, so tasty!! So yummy!! But you know are one of the easily available best diet food, and you do not have to cook it. Nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew, walnuts, etc. There are very riches in protein and magnesium.


Eggs are the best source of protein. There are so many benefits of eggs it does not only help in weight loss, but it has other positive effects on your body. Eating a high protein diet including eggs.


I guess soup can also be one of the tastiest and best diet food you can include in your weight loss diet plan. What do you think?? Soup contains vegetables which are low calorie and help in weight loss.


We all know the benefits of eating fruits, and we also include them in our diet. But some fruits contain a lot of sweetness which is not good for our weight loss diet. So we should eat the fruits which are good fat burners.

Healthy Diet Habits


Proper intake of water

Drinking water is good for health but drinking too much water is not good for health. Water should be taken in the proper amount and at the proper time. When you wake up first drink a glass of water, drink water at proper intervals.


Doing exercises is very important for burning fat. As weight loss depends 80% on diet and 20% on exercise/workout. So you ensure you’re fulfilling your 20% through exercise.

Taking proper rest and sleep

Proper rest and sleep are very essential. All your efforts can only be realize. When you’re taking proper rest and sleep. Because that’s when a magical growth hormone is released.

Avoid drinks

Whenever you talk about your weight always pay attention to what you drink. Because drinks are also responsible for your weight gain. Packed drinks like alcohol, sodas, fruit juices, etc.

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