Delicious Indian dishes that everyone would love

I want to begin with recipes without wasting time. These are some easy-to-make dishes. I will try to and suggest the words which won’t need any fancy spices. You can try making these dishes with your style and touch.

Veggie patties

– A cup of Chopped vegetables like carrots, green peas, cauliflower, broccoli, and capsicum. – Mashed potatoes – Corn flour – Gram flour


Chole is a dish which you can enjoy with bhatura, paratha or rice, whatever you like.

chickpeas curry

– Boiled soaked chickpeas. – Cinnamon – Tomatoes – Onion – Green chili – Ginger – Garlic – Garam masala – Cloves – Tej patta


Sweet dahi vada

1. Add chopped green chilies as per your taste. 2. chopped ginger, one teaspoon of cumin seeds 3. one pinch of (hing) and salt as needed. 4. Grind everything.


Simple bhaji pulao

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