Eat your water filled food


Watermelon is the best fruit that holds a rich amount of water. In watermelon, it contains up to 96% of water in it. Where it keeps you feeling hydrated and reduces the thirst level in your body. It is too rich in Vitamin C and vitamin B9


Wherein cucumber is the best in cooling our body, especially during summer. Where it helps to keep us more relaxed. it is rich in Vitamin C that provides enough antioxidants.

Tender Coconut

This is one of nature’s best gifts to us. Tender Coconut is the 100% naturally made juice that plays an important role in digestion. Tender Coconuts are the best to carry coconut water.


Where it grows only in cold winter climate holds more water in it by nature. Where apart from water it is high in Vitamins. Like Vitamin A and Vitamin C.


Likely Strawberry, Oranges are also high in both water and vitamin C. Where it is rich in antioxidants. that especially prevents the skin from peeling. It is best for skin glows as well.


It contains a high amount of folic acid call Vitamin B9. Which plays a significant role in the production of red blood cells of the body


Soups are consume during evening times or during the times before lunch. Where it consists of water. it is add up with lots of vegetables or nutrients. That is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

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