Foods For Good Teeth and Gums


This is enriched with good fat and calcium because calcium milk possesses white. Calcium is responsible for strengthening the bones and teeth of our body.


Water is not only the food, but it is the best solution to flush out the germs in teeth and gums. Water helps to clear out the germs in every nook and corner of the teeth and gums.

Castor oil

Castor oils are best to give great health to teeth and gums. since teeth are like an engine. where it gets to be used by eating foods regularly, and it may get aged due to its uses every day.


Sugarcane is best for teeth and gums. The best part about sugarcane is, it is natural sugar. that helps to raise the blood sugar of the body.


Guava is one of the hard-biting fruits where it is load up with high nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C. where it helps to prevent the cells and tissues of the body.


One of the best by-products of milk. Cheese helps to maintain the hunger level of the body. as it helps to maintain stability as well which helps to prevent you from fainting.


Another by-product of the milk to the list. This is the best version of milk. where it helps to maintain the body temperature by exposing the heat of the body.


Nuts like Almond, Cashew, Groundnuts are also great options to strengthen the teeth and gums as well. This is rich in protein and minerals


This is a common food that everyone knows well about. All the vegetables are different in shape, size, their nature. even more but almost all are make full of similar nutrients.


One of the best non-vegetarian that almost 80% of people love to consume is meat. Meat helps to give immense loads of energy to the body

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