Foods that Start with "O"

Healthy Foods

Oreo milkshake

it is rich in calcium, which strengthens bone. The chocolate flavor helps to produce certain hormones and helps to cross the depression state.


Oatmeal is the usual breakfast in several homes and several countries. The main purpose of oatmeal is to maintain the sugar level


It is a cooked form of an egg, rich in protein, and a perfectly balanced diet for people who intend to maintain their weight.

Olive oil

Olive oils are the ones used for both food items and head massage as well. Olive oils have high saturated fats that make a good hair growth


Onions are the best ingredient in any kind of cooking. Almost 80% of cooking contains onions in it. It is a vegetable

Orange juice

Orange juice is generally drunk by people to improve the fairness of their skin. As it involves improving the glow of our face and skin as well.


It is seafood that has been hit in most of the non-vegans plates in recent times. This is because of its fleshy skin and meat added with pepper and spicy ingredients.

Ostrich meat

Ostrich meats are less in calories and high in protein. That helps to build the muscle mass of our body, rich in b12 vitamins


Here comes another seafood which becomes very rare to eat for most people. Oysters are rich in vitamin d that help to build the immune system

Oreo biscuits

It is a particular product where kids love to taste its flavors. Oreo biscuits are instant food. When you were in a hurry to leave or to go to work.


Oil helps to maintain the blood pressure of our body, where it is good for the heart as well. It absorbs calcium that strengthens our bones

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