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Get Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O – Being Health Conscious

11 Foods That start with O


In this article, let’s have a look at how many foods that we can explore that start with “o” available at our home and domestic shops as well. Okay then, it’s time to explore the foods that start with o!!!

List of Foods that start with O:

Here, I mentioned some foods that start with O, which is very helpful in regular life to make healthy lifestle.

Oreo milkshake

Oreo milkshake - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

This is one of the recent trends in the beverages’ category. Where the name itself says that the milkshake is mixed up with the flavor of Oreo and its biscuits. Which is rich in calcium, which strengthens bone. The chocolate flavor helps to produce certain hormones and helps to cross the depression state.

With Oreo biscuits, you can make also Oreo mousse. It is also useful to stress relief and depression. It is a frequent drink for youngsters, though its cost is a bit high, it is worth its value. People who are obese are not suggested having this one because of its fat content.


Oatmeal - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

Oatmeal is the usual breakfast in several homes and several countries. The main purpose of oatmeal is to maintain the sugar level and to reduce the hunger level as well.

It has high fiber as it helps to digest the food easily. It is a common food in homes where even kids can have it every day. But there is a possibility the taste of oats may get bored, so once or twice a week is good to go.


Omelet - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

It is a cooked form of an egg, rich in protein, and a perfectly balanced diet for people who intend to maintain their weight, and it even helps bodybuilders to maintain their bodies.

It has low calories and high fibers, which makes digestion easy. You can have an omelet for breakfast, a side dish for lunch, and dinner as well. Having an omelet a day is more than enough to get enough nutrients.

Orange juice

Orange juice - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

Orange juice is generally drunk by people to improve the fairness of their skin. As it involves improving the glow of our face and skin as well. Orange has properties like lemon.

Where it is enriched with vitamin c that helps to produce high antioxidants. And it, too, contains electrolytes by nature that help to bring freshness to our body. Having orange juice every day is good for health, apart for the person who has some allergy or sensitivity in their skin.


Onion - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

Onions are the best ingredient in any kind of cooking. Almost 80% of cooking contains onions in it. It is a vegetable that is mainly added to give some more taste to the foods.

Also has several nutritional values in it. Onion too has high antioxidants that resist cell damage. It helps to maintain blood sugar and boosts digestive strength, etc. Onion is more famous in India as it has few varieties. People tend to buy onions regularly. Also, consuming onions every day is good for health, and it produces enough nutrients.

Olive oil

Olive oil - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

Do you love to have a head massage? If anyone asks this question, our reply will be as fast as lightning and will say of course, yes!! Olive oils are the ones used for both food items and head massage as well. Olive oils have high saturated fats that make a good hair growth and by default. Olive oil foods are good for our heart, and it helps to lower cholesterol in our body. It provides more antioxidants that help prevent oxidative stress, and it too resists Alzheimer’s disease as well.


Octopus - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

It is seafood that has been hit in most of the non-vegans plates in recent times. This is because of its fleshy skin and meat added with pepper and spicy ingredients. That gives result in a delicious taste. Octopus contains numerous vitamins, where vitamin b12 is high in quantity, and it too contains more minerals. Some have thought about whether to have an octopus on their plate, but you can try it out at least once in your life.

Ostrich meat

Ostrich meat - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

Ostrich meats are like unsung heroes among the non-vegetarians. Though, most people love to have ostrich. They won’t add it into their daily or weekly food list, because of its availability.

Ostrich meats are less in calories and high in protein. That helps to build the muscle mass of our body, rich in b12 vitamins that help you to prevent fatigue and twitchy eyes as well.

Ostrich too contains plenty of iron, which helps to strengthen your bone as well. They are more delicious in both curry and fries. Having ostrich meat once a week is enough to get more nutrients.


Oysters - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

Here comes another seafood which becomes very rare to eat for most people. Oysters are rich in vitamin d that help to build the immune system, and it has other vitamins and minerals. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids that help to provide lots of antioxidants. It reduces your hunger level as it provides enough potassium and calcium along with lots of nutrients as well.

Oreo biscuits

Oreo biscuits - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

It is a particular product where kids love to taste its flavors. Oreo biscuits are instant food. When you were in a hurry to leave or to go to work.

It provides enough carbohydrates to our body that gives enough energy to perform any task till our next meal. It contains less fat and enough sodium. So that you won’t get fainting easily, as it maintains your glucose and sugar level.

It also contains a few vitamins like thiamine, which is an added advantage.


Oil - Healthy 11 Foods That Start With O

We can’t skip these foods that start with “o” in our food list, because almost 90% of foods are prepare with the help of oil only. We all have a thought that oil is bad for health since it boosts the cholesterol value in our body, but the thing is, certain oils are must need in our body.

Oil helps to maintain the blood pressure of our body, where it is good for the heart as well. It absorbs calcium that strengthens our bones, and it provides antioxidants to our bodies. It involves building muscle, and it prevents cancer factors as well. So choose the right oil that is fresh and have it.

Last Words:

Hence, I hope you got some valuable information about the foods that starts with o, so then it’s time to eat now.

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