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Get Healthy 6 foods that start with Z – Being Health Conscious

Foods List That start with Z


In this article, let us discuss the foods that start with “z”. It will explore their best nutrient values, without any delay, let’s start to explore the foods that start with Z.

List of Foods that start with Z:


Zoodles - Healthy 6 foods that start with Z

While hearing the name itself, you will get an idea that the food is like noodles. It is a kind of pasta that is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B which has high potassium in it.

Zoodles have fewer carbohydrates and fewer calories. So, that the energy you gain from noodles is much less, but it is good for people who intend to reduce their weight. It is good for eye vision, and it helps to prevent cell and tissue damage to our body. Zoodles also help to maintain the proper hydration of our body.

It, too, maintains the blood pressure and glucose level as well. Usually, noodles can be consumed as a snack during the evening time.


Zucchini - Healthy 6 foods that start with Z

It is a vegetable that has been consumed post-breakfast. Which is high in antioxidants, and it helps to control blood sugar. Which is a good option for people having diabetes.

It also helps to prevent the cells from oxidative stress. It’s a good recommendation for heart patients as well. It is a full-packed vegetable having medicinal values.

Where it is also be consumed by people having a good eye vision, and it plays an important role in fast weight loss as well. Having zucchini every day is good to get enough nutrients.

Zuppa soup

Zuppa soup - Healthy 6 foods that start with Z

Zuppa soups are rich in carbohydrates. It helps to maintain your hunger level and gives you more instant energy to perform any task.

Typically, soups are taken before lunch, but zuppa soups can take even at breakfast as well. The main thing is this kind of soup is not available in several countries, but these soups are worth your meal.

Zigzag vine fruit

Zigzag vine fruit - Healthy 6 foods that start with Z

It is an orange berry that is available only in a few countries like America, Malaysia, etc. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and helps to prevent the cell damage in our body.

It also helps in maintaining the hydration of our body. It is usually consume as a snack or else after meal for digestion. These berries are even love by kids, but the only drawback is their availability.

It is a must need to taste zig-zag vine fruits, at least on some occasions.


Zander - Healthy 6 foods that start with Z

It is a white fish that is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Zander helps to repair the body cells and tissues. It also helps to prevent oxidative stress from our body.

It’s more delicious, and it is mostly consume as a lunch or dinner as well. It helps to maintain the blood pressure, and it improves the eye vision as well. You can have zander even daily as it gives required nutrients that include high-quality fats.


Zingers - Healthy 6 foods that start with Z

These are the tasty snack that could be better for both evenings and break time at the office. The best part of zingers is, it is available in both spicy and sweet categories.

That help you to get out of depressions. It is one of the recent snacks that have a grand hit. It is cover by coconut, which helps to maintain hydration and clears the digestive issues if you face it. Having zingers when you feel low is a better option.


These are the foods that are available in India, which foods start with “z”. The special thing about this is almost 90% of people wouldn’t try these stuff in their lifetime. So, just have a look and explore this new stuff.

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