How do Indians prepare their everyday cuisine

Jersey royal Bombay potatoes

Are you a spicy food lover? If yes, then you can start with this quick recipe. It recognizes as famous Bombay street food. It gets quickly prepared without any unique ingredients.

– Garlic – Potatoes – Tomato – Mustard seeds – Turmeric – Red chili – Ginger – Oil – Cumin seeds – Garam masala – Lemon


Saag chana masala

Indians always try to make something unique and tasty. Are you also an experiment lover? If yes, then you should surely try out this recipe. It will taste fantastic. One can prepare it as a beginner also.

– Red chili – Oil – Onion – Garlic – Ginger – Green chili – Coriander – Cumin seeds – Chili powder – Tomato – Garam masala – Dried mango powder – Spinach – Peas


Red velvet ice cream

People get surrounded by the pandemic situation. Hence, one cannot satisfy their ice cream craving readily. But cravings can’t be controlled. you can give this surprise to your kids and family members. Thus, quickly make a toggle list of ingredients.

– Cream cheese – Whipping cream – Condensed milk – Milk at room temperature – Vanilla essence – Cocoa powder – Red food color


Spiced coffee kulfi

These days people like more to eat colder foods. Hence, you can try to make this recipe. It’s the unique one among all. Also, it gets prepared within a few minutes, without wasting time note down ingredients.

– Double cream – Milk – Condensed milk – Coffee granules – Cardamom pods – Cinnamon – Hazelnuts – Anise