Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Veg Recipes

Veg rolls

Veg rolls are wraps of wheat roti that contain a mixture of vegetables inside them. Kids love to eat it. They are easy to prepare and are a kid’s favorite. Different vegetables as per the kid’s choice can be add.

Spinach Paratha

This Spinach commonly known as palak is very healthy. Spinach Paratha is made using wheat flour, palak, and some other spices. It is very healthy as well as tasty.

Methi Paratha

Fenugreek is also know as methi commonly, is very nutritious. They are know to aid to maintain blood glucose levels and also help indigestion.

Lauki Paratha

Bottle guard is commonly know as lauki. Lauki Paratha is made using bottle gourd leaves, wheat flour, spices. We can also add Fenugreek leaves. Lauki is very beneficial for our health.

Ajwain Paratha

Carom seeds are know as ajwain. Ajwain helps in enhancing assimilation and has other benefits also. It is make using wheat flour, carom seeds, and spices. Kids enjoy having it.

Vegetable burger

Veggie burger can be easily prepare and has various vegetables which are good for health. It has a delicious taste and kids love to eat it.

Spinach pulao

Spinach pulao is prepare by using rice, spinach, spices. Some other vegetables can also be include in this recipe. This dish can be eat at any meal. It is rich in ferrous content

Red kidney bean

Red kidney bean is a North Indian recipe that is make using beans, onion, tomato puree, spices. Rajma vegetables are very amazing in taste and are very healthy as well.

Matar pulao

Peas are generally call matar in our country. Matar pulao is forme by using rice, peas, spices. Some other constituents can also be include in the dish.