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Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes


Meals play an important role in the growth and development of our child’s health. Breakfast is considered a very significant meal. Thus, skipping breakfast should be avoided by us. Kids should be given all meals at the proper time. Care should be taken that they should be given only vegetarian healthy meals into kids tiffin boxes.

Nutrition is very essential for kids. They should be given food rich in nutrients. Like vitamins, minerals, fibers, etc. Children should not consume junk food items. Junk food items have negative effects on our body like obesity, certain diseases. On the other hand, vegetarian healthy food prevents several diseases. School-going kids often ask for a variety of dishes daily. They get bored with the same dishes every day and thus crave something new.

We should fulfill their demand by giving them different recipes in their tiffin box. They should be give vegetarian healthy snacks. Kids today are attract to unhealthy foods. Like pasta, chocolates, pizza, etc. Consumption of this food should be avoid by them. They must consume only homemade vegetarian food. Which helps in the proper development of their health. They should be given different food items in a tiffin box so that they do not get bore.

Kids get happy when we offer them some new snack items. Mothers are always confused about what to pack in their kid’s tiffin. Some vegetarian recipes that we can pack in kid’s tiffin. These are spinach sandwiches, uttapam, veg suji upma, spinach dosa, veggie burger, etc.

Kids enjoy such food items and become happy.

Some vegetarian recipes for kids tiffin boxes

Veg rolls

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Veg rolls are wraps of wheat roti that contain a mixture of vegetables inside them. Kids love to eat it. They are easy to prepare and are a kid’s favorite. Different vegetables as per the kid’s choice can be add. Like the tomato, onion, capsicum, etc. Vegetables are very healthy for kids’ health. Overall, veg rolls are tasty as well as nutritious for kids. Thus, a veg roll can be give to kids in the tiffin box.

Spinach Paratha

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

This Spinach commonly known as palak is very healthy. Spinach Paratha is made using wheat flour, palak, and some other spices. It is very healthy as well as tasty. Spinach is known to inhibit the lack of iron in our body and also enhance the immune system. Green vegetables are very beneficial for health. Thus, palak parathas are Vegetarian food that can be give in our kid’s tiffin box.

Fenugreek Paratha

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Fenugreek is also know as methi commonly, is very nutritious. They are know to aid to maintain blood glucose levels and also help indigestion. Methi parathas are make with wheat flour, methi leaves, and some spices for taste. These are tasty and many kids like to have them. Methi is use in various recipes. It has various advantages. Thus, methi parathas are healthy vegetarian recipes for kid’s tiffin boxes.

Lauki Paratha

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Bottle guard is commonly know as lauki. Lauki Paratha is made using bottle gourd leaves, wheat flour, spices. We can also add Fenugreek leaves. Lauki is very beneficial for our health. It should be include in the diet. As it helps to reduce body weight, improves digestion, maintains blood pressure. Thus, lauki parathas are healthy Vegetarian food that can be give in a kid’s tiffin box.

Ajwain Paratha

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Carom seeds are know as ajwain. Ajwain helps in enhancing assimilation and has other benefits also. It is make using wheat flour, carom seeds, and spices. Kids enjoy having it. Thus, Ajwain parathas are nutritious vegetarian food for kid’s tiffin boxes.

Vegetable burger

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Veggie burger can be easily prepare and has various vegetables which are good for health. It has a delicious taste and kids love to eat it. It is prepare by using toasted patties with onion, tomato, sauces, capsicum, and other stuffing also. Its a go-to snack for kids. Thus, the vegetable burger is a great vegetarian recipe for a kid’s tiffin box.

Spinach pulao

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Spinach pulao is prepare by using rice, spinach, spices. Some other vegetables can also be include in this recipe. This dish can be eat at any meal. It is rich in ferrous content. As Palak is very beneficial for us makes the dish very healthy. Kids enjoy having spinach pulao. Thus, spinach pulao is vegetarian food that can be give in a kid’s tiffin box.

Red kidney bean

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Red kidney bean is a North Indian recipe that is make using beans, onion, tomato puree, spices. Rajma vegetables are very amazing in taste and are very healthy as well. This recipe can be eat with rice or a tortilla. This vegetable can be give to kids, and they would love it. Thus, the red kidney bean is vegetarian food that we can give in the kid’s tiffin box.

Matar pulao

Kids Tiffin Boxes Special Vegetarian Recipes

Peas are generally call matar in our country. Matar pulao is forme by using rice, peas, spices. Some other constituents can also be include in the dish. This recipe is very tasty and also simple to form. It is very healthy for our health. Kids love having it. Thus, matar pulao is a vegetarian food item that we can give in a kids tiffin boxes.


It can be conclude. That kid should be give a variety of recipes in kids tiffin boxes as they get bore with eating the same food. But they should not be give junk food items. We should give them vegetarian healthy food items. The above-mentioned items are healthy and tasty. Some of them can be very easily to prepare and are nutritious also.

Nutrition is very important for growing children. Because they are involve in some of the other activities throughout the day. It is necessary. That kid’s intake only healthy stuff and not junk food which is harmful to their health.

Moreover, they should be give vegetarian food. Healthy food items prevent certain disorders and have various benefits to their body. Kids should develop healthy eating habits from childhood. So that these habits remain with them lifelong. Thus, kids should be give a variety of vegetarian food in kids tiffin boxes.

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