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When two different things or two unrelated things are combined, we will call it a fusion. That time the place where uniqueness takes place. In these modern days like us, even our food style has got updated well and that modern stuff attracts, kids especially. But this food is defined as modern and it is traditional by its style, that one is the matka pizza.

It is one of the modern street foods where it can be made within a few minutes, unlike other pizzas that need more time. The main part of this pizza is, it was carried by a clay pot which is the most traditional one. When we consume food or water which is present in the clay pot, it is good for our heart. Also, it makes us live longer.

Even the pizza was prepared inside the clay pot. As it carries common vegetables such as tomato, onion, capsicum, etc. Which carries more medicinal values.

Matka pizza is an instant food, which can be consumed as a snack in the evening time. After we leave our school, college, and offices, and on the way to our home. This one gives us back our energy.

Since it has less protein, it is requested to consume it. But still, it has other qualities as well. It is one of the instant prepared foods that helps you to give energy during your rush time.

Since it is made from bread it gives you instant energy to perform. As it is rich in carbohydrates and it gives more energy. Vegetables like tomatoes help to protect your skin and give proper blood flow. Whereas capsicum helps to reduce the cancer possibility, improves the metabolism. Also, gives more iron, is good for the heart, and relieves the pain as well.

Most of them try to have it as a lunch sometimes. But due to its low quantity, it is best suited for a snack. Making matka pizza at home is very difficult, as we need proper focus to make a precise recipe.

But here you will find out how to make matka pizza through simple steps and it is an easy homemade one. This will be a new unique snack made at home that can be shared even with your neighbors. It melts them with its unique taste. It can also be served to guests that make them feel full in their tummy and heart as well.

It is carrying several nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamin a, vitamin k, and vitamin c. Through its vegetables it won’t build cells as it lacks protein. As was said before, so enjoy the snack once or twice a week, and let’s learn something new now. Take your pen and let’s note it down now.

Matka Pizza Video Recipe :

How to make Matka Pizza | Clay Pot Pizza | Kulhad Pizza recipe with step by step photos:

1. Take a bowl and add 4 wheat bread pieces. Add ¼ cup chopped capsicum, ¼ cup boiled corn, ¼ cup chopped onions, and ¼ cup chopped tomatoes.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

2. Add 3 tbsp. fresh cream.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

3. Add 1 tbsp. red chili flakes, add ½ tbsp. oregano, and 1 tbsp. chat masala.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

4. Add 1 tbsp. pizza topping sauce then mix it well.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

5. Add 1 tbsp. tomato sauce in the bread mixture.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

6. Take matka or Kulhad pot and add bread mixture. Add tomato sauce on the top. Then sprinkle some chat masala, oregano and paprika on it.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

7. Add grated cheese.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

8. Add again bread mixture, then add tomato sauce and chat masala on the top. Then again add cheese, veggies and sprinkles some oregano and paprika on the top.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

9. Put that matka or Kulhad in the heat pan. And cook until cheese become full melt for 15 to 20 minutes.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

10. Serve it hot with bread.

Matka Pizza Recipe | Kulhad Pizza

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