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Valentines Day

Are you trying to impress your crush? Do you want to express your love? Either you get committed or yet to commit, on this day you will be more curious to impress your loved one. That day is Valentine’s Day. We used to wear various colors of the dress, and that defines whether you were committed or single, waiting for love or you don’t want to be a part of it.

If I say a word called Valentine’s Day, which one would come to your mind initially? Exactly!! It’s rose. Whatever the cost of it we buy a bunch of flowers and made them into a bouquet, this tradition was followed century by century. All of a sudden you may ask why Valentine’s Day is celebrated. And why the name valentine is mentioned on this day. Here comes a short brief.

During the 15th century, the ancient county known as Rome was supposed to engage in lots of wars. The men were forcefully added up to the military, and the true love and affection were started to get decreased. And even inter-religion marriage was strictly prohibited. At that time, a Saint named Valentina with a kind heart has supported this kind of thing. He risks his life, helps to get numerous couples married. Once he gets assassinated, for his remembrance that day was celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

For a week we use to celebrate Valentine’s Day, starting with Rose day on February 7 till February 14. Every day is different, and it has its uniqueness we celebrated every day according to that plan. Well, we plan to make our loved one’s surprise, with our gifts, arrangements, etc.

In Japan, one man had arranged 97 I-Phones in a form of heart shape, and he proposed, but the girl rejected it. One man took his cycle and set his GPS tracker and cycled till he forms the word “MARRY ME”, took a screenshot, and sent it to his girlfriend. These kinds of preparations also are done by someone, but I didn’t suggest you do any of these. After all, am just requesting you to cook for your loved one.

Almost everyone gets impressed if you cook food with more taste along with cute decorations. The more you work on the food, the more you get attracted. That is the simple formula designed in the case of cooking. Especially for Valentine’s Day, we don’t follow any traditional foods like that but am here to suggest some delicious decorative foods. That make your loved one wonder-filled with more attraction and that’s how a real bond has been developed. So let’s cook this stuff and it’s time to impress our better half.