Home Festival Holi


This festival is called Festival of Love or Festival of Color. Well, when we came to hear about the name holi, the main thing that comes to our minds is colors. This festival was celebrated deliberately all over the country. Also in some of the countries like Nepal, United States as well.

The thing is why are we celebrating Holi? Actually, for this question, we have several kinds of theories to know.

* Scientifically, during this time the winter will come to an end, and there is a beginning of spring. Where we can say harvesting season in other words, so cultivation has its value. To celebrate this seasonal change holi has been celebrated.

* If anyone asks you about some perfect example of ancient love among gods. The first thing coming to our minds is the love between Krishna and Radha. Even a theory says the holi has been celebrated for the memory of eternal love between Krishna and Radha. Also, to say that true love is the one that actuates the world.

* This theory is the most important one, that an evil emperor called Hiranyakashipu was killed by Lord Krishna. Because of his evilness that he intended to kill his son Prahalatha. And this is the most important theory because the colors of holi describe the superiority over darkness or evil.

All three factors were believed and followed by us.

Okay!! It’s enough about the history. When we are talking about the celebration, we all show our love to our loved ones by spreading colors. Also, wear a white dress to make it more colorful. Along with that we cook some delicious foods and share that love with our family and friends.

Recipes like Gulab jamun, rasgulla, and have katli in the sweet category. For the Crispy category, wheat puri, crispy potato fingers, and chocolate cookies have been made as traditional ones. On this page, you find these recipes in a well-firmed manner and the unique thing. You can find on this page is you can explore delicious holi drinks.

Once the celebration has been done, our bodies will surely get exhausted. To make our bodies chill and to give more freshness.

These foods and drinks can also be used as a snack on regular days. Given to a working person to gain some energy, school kids for having more fun. Through their taste and even for the guests approaching your home will love to have this unique taste.

So, it’s time to celebrate Holi with unique taste and style, and by the way “Happy Holi”.