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Wheat flour farsi puri is best evening snack are eaten with tea or coffee. It is comes from Gujarati cuisine. This is deep-fry snack which has fewer ingredients and less effort.  Quick and Easy to make, this puri also used for street food chaat recipes.

Do have a look at our collection of Gujarati Recipes. Farsi means crisp in gujarati. Generally, farsi puri is made using maida/all-purpose flour. Crispy masala puri recipe – made from whole wheat flour and few spices are added. These kadak puris are perfect as a tea-time snack.

This wheat flour farsi puri is crispy, tasty and most eaten evening snack in Gujarati cuisine. Generally, the farsi puri is made with maida [all-purpose flour] but I used whole wheat flour for healthy option.

Let’s make and know how to make farsi puri from wheat flour. To make this whole wheat farsi puri, used ingredients are the whole wheat flour, ghee and salt. I use lachha paratha method to make this puri.


Make this yummy, crispy wheat puri with 3 ingredients effortlessly. This puri is easily being perfect tea time snack. You can eat this puri as best travelling snack partner.

You can make this puri then you can store them in airtight container. It will be good for 2 months. You can make them and store them for long route journey.

This recipe is love by kids also adults. Generally, this food festival side crispy dish. So, give the chance to this crispy snack recipe and make it at home without any effort.

You can see my other wheat flour snacks recipe like, wheat flour cookies, wheat Masala puri, wheat flour sponge cake. You can also make this healthy whole wheat flour recipe at home with minimal and healthy ingredient. I’m sure you will love this instant evening snack recipes.

How to make Wheat Flour Farsi Puri | Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe Steps by steps With photos:

1.Take a bowl and add 2 cup wheat flour.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

2.Then add salt as require.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

3.Add 1 and ½ tbsp ghee. Mix well.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

4.Add water as require and knead a dough. Then rest it for half hour.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

5.Add some oil and knead the dough again.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

6.Take ball size dough.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

7.Roll it slightly thick.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

8.Spread 1 tbsp ghee on the roti. Then dust some flour.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

9.Roll it like spiral. Then cut into small ball size.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

10.Roll it that small ball size dough like puri.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

11.Make deep fry those puri until they become golden brown color.

Farsi Puri Gujarati Recipe

12.Ready to serve. Serve it with hot cup of tea.

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