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Bestu Varas

In Gujarat, Diwali is celebrated for 5 days with a small different festival. Those are Dhan teras, Kali chuadash, Diwali or Laxmi Pooja, bestu varas, and Bhai beej [bhai dooj]. With these, all festival people spend time with family and friends as more as they can.

On the Diwali festival, Gujaratis have worshiped the goddess Laxmi for prosperity and wisdom for their business. After the day of Diwali, celebrated as New Year and in Gujarati is called “Bestu varas”. This festival is the most well-known festival day for the business community. It is celebrated with great dedication and enthusiasm throughout the state.

In Diwali programs for Gujarati, something special is “Gujarati New Year”. Today, according to tradition, people get up early in the morning, put on their best clothes, and seek God’s blessings for a happy and prosperous year to come. Many Hindus believe that happy people on the first day of the New Year will remain the same throughout the year.

Bestu varas festival comes on Kartik month which is the first month according to the Gujarati calendar.

On this day, Gujaratis have forgotten bad memories, forgotten all misunderstandings, and pains of the whole year, and started a positive beginning of the New Year.

On the New Year, we get elders’ blessings and meet them to spend time with them. Elders make special dishes for us and feed us with joy.

Now, for Bestu Varas Festival, we make Bestu Varas Festival Food for them and feed them with love.

Do you have unique ideas for making food or how to make the best Bestu Varas Festival Food at home? If you have no ideas about it then don’t worry I will help you to make Gujarati New Year food for your loved elders and make them happy by giving them a good food gift.

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So try these Gujarati New Year Food Recipes, make them and serve them as traditional and fusion food menu at a house party, and enjoy the Diwali function with family and friends.