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Dussehra or Vijayadashami is the festival of victory over evil. Lord Ram killed the demon Ravana is known as Dussehra. It is also known as Dashahara, Dashera, and Dussera, is the most important festival is Hinduism.
As the Hindu calendar, dussehra festival is comes on tenth day of Ashwin month. The celebration of Dussehra on the 10th day of Navratri symbolizes the victory of good over evil. People ends up their negativity by burning the idol of Ravana it’s called “ravan dahan”.
Every festival is incomplete without a good meal or festival special dishes. On the good day of festivity a food make good Enthusiasm to celebrate the festival with joy. People make different types of food on dussehra festival like sweets, snacks and healthy drinks.
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The Dussehra Festival is the day of festive but many people do worship to god ram ad goddess Durga for good victory over evils. If you not have Navratri and Dussehra food to make prasad and offer to god and goddess. You not have to worry about because I have also the playlist of Dussehra Prasad food collection to make pure prasad recipe with no effort.
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