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Bhai Dooj

Like the Raksha Bandhan festival, we celebrate the Bhai Dooj festival. This festival celebrated for the bond of brother and sister will come on the last day of the Diwali festival. There are several names for this festival in different parts of India, including Bhai Phonta, Bhaubeej, Bhai Tika, and many others.

The story behind this Bhai dooj festival is very benignant is the king of death, Yamaraj, and his sister the Yamuna had not met in a long time. The Devi Yamuna tried to get her brother to visit her sister at the festival many times but god yamraj can’t meet her sister. When God Yamraj met her sister after a long time, Devi Yamuna welcomed him with a big function and did tikka on his forehead.

The occasion of Bhai dooj celebrations is an occasion of unique understanding between brothers and sisters. As brothers and sisters, they become best friends or protect each other when problems arise.

Instead of tying the rakhi on their brother’s wrists, sisters will prepare special Bhai Dooj Festival food for their brother and feed him with love on this day. Also, spend time with him, share secrets and love each other without conditions or limits.

That’s why we celebrate this day as a Bhai Dooj festival, making Bhai Dooj Special Recipes and enjoying with brother or sister with love and happiness.

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