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The Muharram is holy month and sorrow times for Muslims. Also in this month time, remember the war of Karbala. The 10th day of Muharram is known as “Ashura”. People do fasting on this day, also Muslims make fast on 9th or 10th day of Muharram month. During Muharram month the Muslims people has different importance in different portion of the world and food life is same as the Muslims.

On this Muharram, Muslims make many various types of food and share with family members and relatives. Are your finding a healthy but tasty Muharram Food Recipes? Your search are finishes here. I have the whole collection of Muharram Food Recipes. You get the best Muharram Sharbat here with the Muharram Special Food and Muharram Dishes. That you can easily make and share with your supporter easily.

In this collection I will share with you, how to make Muharram Ki Recipe at home with less ingredients with few time. This recipes contains Haleem, pulao, kheer, naan, and doodh ka Sharbat and many more recipes.

It involves particular culinary traditions that take their ideas from the past and legend and become an equally important aspect of the celebrations. Each meeting is made special with food. It started, at first, with cooking sweet rice and sharing it with family and friends.

The practice evolved with more people introducing variations on the simple plate and eventually over the years a variety of foods began to be served during Muharram. Do you want to eat healthily but are running out of recipes? See our Muharram Special Recipes playlist here. I’m sure you will love these all Muharram Ki Recipe.