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Evening Snacks Recipes


It’s about 5 or 6 pm in the evening, and you feel pangs of hunger revolving around your stomach. That’s when we crave some delicious snacks.

The collection of the food items for evening snacks. Listed here will be very easy to make and also healthy for you, the guests whom you can serve, and the Kids at your home.

You can try these evening snacks along with dips and other delicious homemade condiments. You can suit to your ease, make veg snacks for guests. Who does not consume non-veg and non-veg for those who will crave non-veg in the evening menu?

I will try to cover almost all types of foods belonging to other areas in the world and also as per our country, India.

These evening snacks recipes are less than a full meal. But highly satisfying for an evening meal to suit our taste buds.

Healthy snacks in between meals help us to be aware of hunger pranks and prevent us from eating too much.

Some Types of Evening Snack that you can try out definitely:

  1. Fresh Chocolate Coconut Burfi (Homemade) – Two different types of ingredients will be mixed. In this case, for making this fresh chocolate coconut Burfi – as the name suggests, coconut and chocolate. Both of these will enhance the taste. We will ponder upon the detailed step-by-step tutorial for making this.
  2. Mixed Dry fruits Milkshake – as we know, this is a present trend among both the adults and the young to try milkshakes. Plain milkshakes seasoned with Gulab flavor tastes awesome. But when it is prepared with other dry fruits and nuts. The evening environment just blooms up to be heavenly.
  3. Paneer 65/ Paneer fry recipe – this can be consumed during lunch, or you can also try it during the evening as a snack. Paneer has calcium inbuilt, and other essential nutrients for our body. Paneer is highly recommended for improving the digestive issues in our body.
  4. Masala Wafer Chaat (seasoned with cheese) – you can make this masala wafer chaat using some pizza seasonings as the ingredients. As potato chips are loved by all, this recipe will also be loved.
  5. Chinese Atta Maggie – The atta Maggie is good for health, so instead of the packaged ones. You can taste this Maggie and try it once in the Chinese style. I will come up with the ingredients, detailed step-by-step format about how to make the Maggie in Chinese style.

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