List of 10 Mistakes you should not make while cooking

Cooking On High Flame

This is a common mistake you should not make while cooking everyone makes, mostly housewives who are always in a hurry. They frequently cook on high flame to cook fast, but you know what it will cook fast

Not Collecting All Ingredients Before Cooking

When we get a little experience in cooking we become overconfident. That we will take ingredients while cooking. But sometimes it goes wrong while you are collecting ingredients.

Wearing Silk Clothes In Kitchen

Silk clothes catch fire easily. It is a kind of safety measure we all should follow while cooking. We hear about burn cases, but rarely do we care about what we are wearing.

Not Knowing the Full recipe

Whenever you are trying to cook something new. You are always so excited. If you didn’t read the complete recipe and instructions, just start cooking.

Being Distracted

In today’s modern era people think they are multi-talented they try to do 2-3 works together. While cooking, they will cook, listen to music, talk on the phone, etc. Also, don’t pay full attention to cooking.

Under Salting The Water

When you put the pasta into boiling water, the pasta absorbs some part of the water as it cooks. If you don’t put salt into the water, the food remains bland. But if you add it, it will absorb salt from within

You Overcrowd The Pan

Whenever you are in hurry, and you have to cook food in large quantities. You overcrowd the pan, due to which vegetables are not cooked properly. it also requires a large amount of oil. i

Cooking Or Storing In Reactive Utensils

Metal like aluminum is often used in making kitchen utensils. because it is a good conductor of heat but is not good for food. Ingredients like tomato, lemon, and vinegar.

Over Mixing The Batter

When you are making a cake. You surely want the batter to be even throughout, so you go on mixing a lot to avoid lumps. But due to this mixing gluten can be formed into the batter making it tough.

Not Properly Preheating The Cooking Surface Before Cooking

Whenever you’re in a hurry, and you have to wait till the oven or grill gets heated. It seems like someone is giving you punishment. But it is important. Roasting or baking in an oven.