Right time To eat  Protein rich light foods

Early Morning

Yes, Early morning forms the best time to consuming protein. When we start our day with protein-rich foods. It gives a great positive start and especially in the times at the start of our breakfast. i


during afternoon time it is not necessary to have much protein if you consuming protein a lot in breakfast. This is because during lunchtime instead of protein other nutrients. like carbohydrates and good fats are required

consuming protein as snacks

Protein snacks are most needed in our daily routine. The snacks can be consumed as a pre-lunch one or a post-lunch one. i

Dinner Time

Dinner must be consumed as light food. This is because during dinner time we tend to get a great amount of sleep. it takes more time for digestion. where consuming heavy foods.

How much in a day?

Proteins are best to consume during the morning times. As we said earlier where the amount of protein differs from person to person.

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