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Right time to consuming protein rich light foods

Right time to consuming protein rich light foods


Protein is a macronutrient that is the most needed one in our body. Without protein, we can’t get enough strength to the body. It helps in building the cells and tissues of the body. Also repairs them when required, and also it regains health at a faster rate. So, it is necessary to have protein every day, but we just need to consider which time is best to consuming protein rich light foods. In this article, let us consider which time protein rich light foods is great to consider. Also, what are all the benefits at these times?

Early Morning

Right time to consuming protein rich light foods

Yes, Early morning forms the best time to consuming protein. When we start our day with protein-rich foods. It gives a great positive start and especially in the times at the start of our breakfast. it helps to build the cells and tissues in our body. Protein-rich foods such as idli, peanut butter, roti, chapati. These are high in building the cells and tissues of the body. it helps to repair the cells and tissues in our body and that provides great energy to start our day.

These protein-rich foods are also high in, minerals. like potassium, iron, and magnesium. where it is rich in the muscular contraction of the body. It prevents muscle cramps in the body. it also manufactures the red blood cells in the body to provide quality oxygen. Having more amount of protein in breakfast time is good to get enough nutrients.


Right time to consuming protein rich light foods

In the morning we probably think of having these things in the afternoon. but during afternoon time it is not necessary to have much protein if you consuming protein a lot in breakfast. This is because during lunchtime instead of protein other nutrients. like carbohydrates and good fats are required. where it gives more energy to the body for long hours. it suppresses the hunger hormones of the body. it boosts the satiety hormones as well that keeps you feeling full. So, if you had enough amount of protein in the morning time have a limited amount of protein. During noontime is good to get enough nutrients. Like adding it as a side dish, Foods like chicken, liver, beef are added as protein in the noontime. Whereas having it from 100 grams to 250 grams is good to take.

Good to get consuming protein as snacks

Right time to consuming protein rich light foods

Protein snacks are most needed in our daily routine. The snacks can be consumed as a pre-lunch one or a post-lunch one. it’s up to your wish based upon your hunger level in the body. Consuming protein as a snack helps to rebuild the cells and tissues in the body. a great icebreaker in our day-to-day life. where it helps to get relieved from stress hormones in our body and to snap out of depression as well. Protein snacks like chicken popcorn, Chickpeas, Avocados, Pomegranate. even other protein-rich foods are good to consume. Having a limit of up to 100 grams is enough when it comes to snacks.

Dinner Time

Right time to consuming protein rich light foods

Dinner must be consumed as light food. This is because during dinner time we tend to get a great amount of sleep. it takes more time for digestion. where consuming heavy foods. It will lead to more amount of digestion, improper sleep, and stomach upsets as well. So having lightweight foods containing little protein makes good sense. Foods like Fish Finger, Chana Masala, Roti, and chapati in a limited amount. It is great to get enough nutrients to the body. where it is rich in fiber. that helps in the digestion of foods, regulating the blood pressure of the body. the light protein gives good strength and satisfies our tummy. That, in turn, gives a great sleep during the night time.

How much in a day?

Right time to consuming protein rich light foods

Proteins are best to consume during the morning times. As we said earlier where the amount of protein differs from person to person. If you intend to build your body to a great physique or else. you are a person going to gym workouts you need to consume more protein than the limit of an average person. Like consume protein 500-1000 grams in a day if you work so hard at your gym.

If you are an average person who works in a job and not much interested in developing the body physique much. Consume protein is not needed much. Where unlike bodybuilders the consumption rate will be less to have. On an average day have proteins are from 200-450 grams. It is quite good enough to carry over the work with a great physique. Also, It builds the cells and tissues as well.

Whereas for kids, protein is mandatory. That boosts the immune system in the body. It helps to prevent them from common diseases. Like cold, cough, fever which causes serious issues among the kids. Whereas consuming protein up to 100 grams – 200 grams. It is an average day to support their body system is necessary.


We hope now you get a great idea to know why consuming protein and when to consume protein rich foods within its limits as well. Have a look at it to gain new knowledge about it. Before having and maintaining the physique well. By boosting the immune system as well. Consuming protein rich foods every day is not only a habit but also a duty to get follow.


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