7 Protein-Rich Soups For Weight Loss

Cabbage Soup

The health-conscious ones would know, the cabbage soup diet is quite popular. It is said that consuming large batches of cabbage soup would help you get rid of those extra kilos.

Lentils, Pumpkins And Cranberry Soup

This is a paradise for all the ones who don't really prefer non-vegetarian food items. This soup will help you compensate for your bodies' protein requirements.

Chicken Soup

it's really difficult to imagine a lavish feast without chicken dishes, isn't it? But often people don't know that something like a heavenly chicken soup can help in cutting down that extra gained weight from your body.

Spinach Soup 

Think of lazy winter afternoons when you simply don't have the motivation to go to the kitchen and cook up a full-fledged meal. Well, trust this delightful soup to make you happy on such days.

Carrot And Tomato Soup

Your weight loss journey doesn't always need elaborate soups made with a lot of ingredients. Sometimes, it could be as good and simple as a yummy carrot and tomato soup.

Green Pea Soup

This soup will come as a breath of fresh air when you are simply bored of your regular aloo matar curry at home. Green peas carry many health properties and are high in protein.

Low-Fat Celery Soup

The name is enough to tell you some notable properties of this soup. For this, all you need to do is blend some celery with vegetables and chicken if you like and see the magic.

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