Food List that begin with letter "K"


This is one of the familiar fruits in recent times. A green-colored fruit has a unique taste and its juice form is more trending in all the domestic shops over several countries.


It is a breakfast food, that gives you a proper diet and helps in weight loss. It is a small-sized puri kind. Where it has a side dish of dal and spicy masala

Kaju katli

The best thing about this sweet is, it can be consumed even by diabetes patients. Kaju katli is most eaten sweet in Indian in which those foods that start with K


It is a famous Indian sweet that is made in every home of India during festival time and special occasions. The main reason is, it is easy to make with fewer ingredients.

Kesar badam milk

Generally, badam involves giving more strength to our body. Sportsperson drink this stuff at home and field, because it gives more stamina to our body.


It is a sweet pudding that was mostly consume after a big meal. There are several types of kheer, and it has different nutritional values according to its nature.


Without any question, you can trust kale blindly, that you can have it every day. It is a type of spinach and, usually, spinach contains iron and fiber.


It is the most famous south indian breakfast, especially in tamilnadu and kerala. High fiber and protein help indigestion, weight loss, and it gives more energy in the morning time.


It is a dry fruit use in sweets and deserts which is commonly call dry grapes. It is generally a bit high in cost, but it has high nutritional values.

Kheema briyani

Kheema biryani is available in chicken and beef. Nowadays people are getting bored with meats that were includ in biryani, so to improve the interest this kheema briyani was found.

Kitkat milkshake

Where we also love Kitkat very much and that’s the reason it has boomed soon. Kitkat milkshake is high in calcium that strengthens our bone.


It is a traditional ice cream, especially very famous in north india. It is usually made up of caramel, milk mixtures, and badam. Which helps to give more strength to our body

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