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Get Healthy 12 foods that start with K – Being Health Conscious

12 Foods that start with K


On this page, you will find certain foods that start with K. Which you may know or may not know about its name and nature. But along with the name, you will learn some nutritional benefits of that particular food.

List of Foods that begin with letter K:


Kiwi - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

This is one of the familiar fruits in recent times. A green-colored fruit has a unique taste and its juice form is more trending in all the domestic shops over several countries.

It helps to lower your blood pressure, and it boosts vitamin c that helps to build your cells. That reduces oxidative stress. Kiwi fruits are best for breakfast due to their high content of potassium. It is having 1-3 kiwis a day is enough to get more nutrients.


Kachori - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

It is a breakfast food, that gives you a proper diet and helps in weight loss. It is a small-sized puri kind. Where it has a side dish of dal and spicy masala.

It enriched with fiber, proteins, and vitamins like a, d. It is good for eye vision, building up a proper immune system as well. It makes us feel full till the next meal.

Kaju katli

Kaju katli - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

This is one of the best sweets ever, loved by most people because of its taste and elites. The best thing about this sweet is, it can be consumed even by diabetes patients. Kaju katli is most eaten sweet in Indian in which those foods that start with K.

It is cashew-made sweets that lower your cholesterol level, involves weight loss. It helps to improve your strength, after all, it contains cashews, and it is good for the heart as well. You can have 2-3 kaju katli per day to gain enough nutrients.


Kesari - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

It is a famous Indian sweet that is made in every home of India during festival time and special occasions. The main reason is, it is easy to make with fewer ingredients.

Also, very little time is required to prepare, loved by the guests as well. It is usually made up of semiya, rich in carbs that give the energy to perform well. Cardamom and cashews are also add to this sweet. Which helps in digestion and lowering the cholesterol in our body.

Kesar badam milk

Kesar badam milk - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

Generally, badam involves giving more strength to our body. Sportsperson drink this stuff at home and field, because it gives more stamina to our body.

It also involved producing a good reproductive system. Also, good for our heart, shines our skin, and gives good quality fats. You can have kesar badam milk every day to get enough strength for your bones and muscles.


Kheer - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

It is a sweet pudding that was mostly consume after a big meal. There are several types of kheer, and it has different nutritional values according to its nature.

Typically, rice kheer is prepare, which has high starch and fiber. Which helps to digest soon after having a great meal. But people having diabetes must kindly check with your doctor to know whether you have to consume it or not.


Kale - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

Without any question, you can trust kale blindly, that you can have it every day. It is a type of spinach and, usually, spinach contains iron and fiber.

Whereas iron helps to strengthen your bone and fiber helps indigestion. It is also enrich with vitamin a and c. Where a takes care of ere vision and c takes care of providing anti-oxidants. It is ideal healthy food in those foods that start with K.

That reduce oxidative stress on the cells but having kale and other spinach during nighttime. It is avoidable because it needs some active time for digestion.


Kichdy - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

It is the most famous south indian breakfast, especially in tamilnadu and kerala. High fiber and protein help indigestion, weight loss, and it gives more energy in the morning time.

It is a light food where it is consume by both kids and adults. Typically, it is made up of maida and the side dish is typically to be chutney. That has important vitamins that are good for heart and skin.


Kismis - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

It is a dry fruit use in sweets and deserts which is commonly call dry grapes. It is generally a bit high in cost, but it has high nutritional values.

Where it is good for the heart and skin, improves the digestion in our body, boosts our reproduction as well. It is also consume as a snack in our homes.

Kheema briyani

Kheema briyani - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

It is nothing but a biryani with fried meats. Kheema biryani is available in chicken and beef. Nowadays people are getting bored with meats that were includ in biryani, so to improve the interest this kheema briyani was found.

It is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and fiber that reduces your hunger level, and makes you feel full. It is not a good suggestion for people who seek food for weight loss, as it helps to gain more weight, and it is famous for its spicy taste. It is the best food in which foods that start with K.

Kitkat milkshake

Kitkat milkshake - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

In recent times it is the most favorite drink for all the youngsters. The concept of this drink is the combination of kitkat and milkshake.

Where we also love Kitkat very much and that’s the reason it has boomed soon. Kitkat milkshake is high in calcium that strengthens our bone, and it changes our mood in an instant because of its taste.

The main purpose is to cool our body temperature if in case our body has been exposed to heat. It is available in most of the juice and chat shops and nowadays, it’s been a common drink among people.


Kulfi - Healthy 12 foods that start with K

It is a traditional ice cream, especially very famous in north india. It is usually made up of caramel, milk mixtures, and badam. Which helps to give more strength to our body, keep our body cool, help indigestion. It is love especially by kids because of its taste and coolness. It also boosts our reproduction as well. Taking kulfi once a week is great.


Here, these are the common foods available in India, these foods that start with K alphabet. Where most of them are available as breakfast and lunch, and you need more energy in these two times only. So pick your favorite dish or the one you like and enjoy the food.

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