veg recipes with vaishali



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Its a very popular sweet dish from Gujarati dishes. It is made using curd and sugar. Its a diary–oriented product.


Dal Dhokdi

This Dal Dhokli dish is important in Gujarati Cuisine. Its preparation includes preparation of master dal at first.

Its is an ancient dish that has a rice base. It is make by mixing rice with dal. It is serve along with Gujarati kadhi.



Its is one of the very popular Gujarati food items. It is made using whole wheat, gram flour, methi leaves, and some spices.

It’s the most popular dish in Gujarati Cuisine. It is a veggie-based recipe. Its a winter season dish. It is make by placing all vegetables.



The word ‘dabeli’ means ‘pressed’ in Gujarati. It is make using pav which contains boil potato mix with another masala.

Its is also a very popular Gujarati snack item. It is prepare using besan, coconut, leaves of curry, and jeera, and then soft rolls are prepare out of them.



It is a good snack item in Gujarati Cuisine. It is prepare by mixing flour of khaman along with salt and edible soda.