Healthful Benefits Of Bananas

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Natural fats

It is a natural long edible fruit that has natural fats, and it is cholesterol-free. Generally, banana is consumed in the morning time.

Vitamin C

Banana is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Potassium. It has a high amount of Vitamin C, which helps to provide enough antioxidants to our body.

Glucose, Fructose  & Sucrose

Banana consists of packed glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Which is responsible to take care of the stabilization of the body. Production of energy to do any function.

Weight Gain

It gains weight in our body, so it is also used as a supplement for underweight people. It is even consumed as a raw fruit daily. Banana has a high amount of Potassium

Vitamin B6

It has Vitamin B6, which acts as a bodyguard against disease. It helps to relieve us from depression, and it relieves our stress hormones as well.

Manganese & Iron

It is rich in manganese and iron. Manganese helps to prevent the weakening of bone. It also absorbs the vitamins consumed in the body


It is the best for digestion. The factors present in banana helps to make digestion. It even takes care of you to prevent ulcers, where it neutralizes its acids.