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Superior Benefits Of Bananas – its facts, and nutrients

Benefits of bananas


In these modern days, the current generation is chasing over junk and modernized foods. To be frank, most of them forget the traditional foods that we consume in the early ’90s. But still, the kids in this generation tend to be fond of some foods and in that list, one of the most famous ones is banana. Let’s explore the benefits of bananas.

It is the most delicious natural food. Which has more varieties than domestic foods, and almost 90% of people love to have a banana. In this article, we can learn the benefits of bananas to the human body.


Natural fats

Benefits Of Bananas

It is a natural long edible fruit that has natural fats, and it is cholesterol-free. Generally, banana is consumed in the morning time. This is because Banana is rich in carbohydrates. Where it gives more energy to our body and that long lasts for more time.

It is usually consumed by sports persons and athletes. During their workouts and the in-between play. This is because banana gives instant energy to the body. It keeps you more hydrated as well. Where it activates your brain well, and it improves your performance.

Rich in Vitamin C

Benefits Of Bananas

Apart from its taste, it is also famous for its nutrient values. Banana is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Potassium. It has a high amount of Vitamin C, which helps to provide enough antioxidants to our body. The special thing is banana has a unique antioxidant. Where other fruits or supplements can’t provide that particular thing. It even helps to prevent muscle cramps which occur eventually for sportspersons.

Packed with glucose, fructose, & sucrose

Benefits Of Bananas

Banana consists of packed glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Which is responsible to take care of the stabilization of the body. Production of energy to do any function. It helps to raise the sugar level of the body where the sucrose is 100% natural one which is a more essential one.

Banana helps to prevent the cells and tissues from oxidative stress. Where vitamin C helps to stabilize the free radicals of our body, and it even boosts up the immune system as well.

Where it maintains the blood pressure of our body. Which prevents us from heart disease and gives a proper blood flow as well. Having a banana helps to reduce the hunger level of the body. It activates the satiety hormone, which helps you to feel full. Banana is the best one to consume in the morning time when it longs lasts your hunger level till lunchtime.

Help in weight gain

Benefits Of Bananas

It gains weight in our body, so it is also used as a supplement for underweight people. It is even consumed as a raw fruit daily. Banana has a high amount of Potassium. It is one of the most important minerals required by our body. Which helps to maintain a proper fluid flow of the body and gives proper stabilization to our body. It helps to protect our nerve cells, which help to give a proper reflex action in our body.

Vitamin B6 (bodyguard against sickness)

Benefits Of Bananas

It has Vitamin B6, which acts as a bodyguard against disease. It helps to relieve us from depression, and it relieves our stress hormones as well. That’s why banana has been consumed in-between time off work and snack time. Where it helps to bring back to the normal mood. It helps to prevent inflammations. Like a cardiovascular disease. That includes heart strokes and attacks as well, type-2 diabetes, and even obesity.

High in manganese and iron

Benefits Of Bananas

It is rich in manganese and iron. Manganese helps to prevent the weakening of bone. It also absorbs the vitamins consumed in the body, also helps to maintain blood pressure as well. Whereas, iron absorbs the vitamins in the body. It helps to manufacture proper red blood cells of the body. Which helps to carry over the oxygen that makes you live longer and prevents anemia.

Good for digestion

Benefits Of Bananas

It is the best for digestion. The factors present in banana helps to make digestion. It even takes care of you to prevent ulcers, where it neutralizes its acids. Its even helps to relieve us from stomach-related problems that tend to secrete as urine or motion. It even helps to prevent us from urinating blood as well.


Benefits Of Bananas

Even though, banana has lots of nutrients. It has some limitations as well.

Banana is suggested not to have during winter seasons. This is because generally, a banana gives more coolness to our bodies. Where it leads to cause cold and coughs to our body because of the climatic conditions.

Over excess, if banana leads to farting gas, causes nausea to our body, and it even causes vomiting as well.

It gains weight in our body, so people who intend to reduce weight Ste not supposed to have much on their list.

Mostly, banana has a high sugar level, which raises our blood. Where over intake of bananas leads to the cause of diabetes in our body. Even taking more bananas leads to dysentery and diarrhea as well.



Benefits Of Bananas

It is available as a raw fruit in the market, even it is very cheap where everyone is affordable to buy it.


Benefits Of Bananas

It is available in salads, where it is one of the best morning food. That keeps our diet more stable and reduces our hunger level.


Benefits Of Bananas

It is commonly used as a milkshake in recent times. Where almost everyone loves to consume the milkshake with its flavor


I hope, in this article you get the healthful benefits of bananas, and also you know well about how banana plays a huge impact on the body. Having two bananas every day is good for our health. That meets our requirements and also knows its limitations well. It has it accordingly.


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