Pongal Festival Food

The pongal is a festival also a sweet dish name that eaten in south Indian. The pongal festival is celebrated for sun god and devoted to him. This festival is one of the enjoyed and necessary festivals for the Tamil nadu’s persons.

This festival celebrated in during January 14 to January 17. In this time “Makar Sankranti” festival is also celebrated but this festival are celebrate for 2 days.

On the pongal festival, farmers are feel gratitude and celebrate this day as thanksgiving to the sun god. Also they fell grateful to sun god to give them a numerous proceeds.

In pongal festival, people gives a sweet and dessert to each other and celebrate the pongal festival with happiness. This pongal festival food is also known as “Khara pongal”, “Sweet pongal”, and “ven pongal”.

The people make pongal Festival food is also pongal recipe also called pongal rice. This pongal rice is a sweet dish also contain more tastes. In this post I’ll share with some pongal recipes and also different types of pongal variation here.

The pongal is an easily made and eaten at breakfast, lunch and on dinner food too. This pongal recipe collection has all pongal rice recipes. These are made during pongal festival which is very popular.

Make sure when you make the any pongal recipe variation, that before you ask your adults for adding garlic or onions.

At last words, make this pongal festival more enjoyable with making pongal recipe variation at home with less ingredients and spices. You can make this sweet pongal recipe as main course or dessert and snacks recipe.