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Makar Sankranti Food and Drinks Recipes

Like Pongal in South India, we can say it’s Makar Sankranti in North India. This is the first religious festival that was celebrated at the start of the year. It was on January 14.

The reason for the celebration of this festival is, the summer was starting. It is the right time for harvesting the crops, perhaps the winter ends.

This festival is also called Uttarayana, Maghi, or simply Sankranti. This festival was celebrated to worship the Lord’s sun. Which is the ultimate source for cultivation.

After the worship has been done, watch above the sky and you will find lots of colorful quadrilaterals. Yes, of course, they are kites. People from kids to adults would enjoy playing with those kites and made the day enriched with joy.

In some places, even the old stuff in our homes such as old clothes and other things were burned. Which denotes that the new positive things are awaiting to come on this auspicious day.

But whatever the beautiful things a festival can hold on to, without delicious foods it is incomplete, right? Makar Sankranti is something that is composed of lots of colorful and delicious foods. That not only fills their tummy who suffered in hunger but also shares a big part of love as well.

We practice making tasty khichdi every year on this day. Along with sesame foods we donate to people who are not able to make it on their own. This represents that it will bring good luck for them.

Apart from those, our mom or grandma will cook Laddoos, Kesari, Til Chikki, Sweet Pongal, Puliyogare, etc.

In these foods, some of them are made very occasionally. We have to wait till any special occasions come like maker Sankranti. Though we will get laddoos at shops. Homemade laddoos are something special that takes us to heaven.

Sweet Pongal is a kind of breakfast that makes us crave even it is up in the kitchen. It is loved even by kids to eat as much as they like.

Kesari is the special sweet that is most famous in Gujarat. Where it is made from maida or semiya, added with more spices, and even served as a snack to our family relatives as well.

Now it’s time to explore some more differences in the traditional festival dishes. That makes our mouth-watering and this does not only need to cook for festivals. Also in your family functions and birthday parties as well