Winter Foods

that strengthen your Bones and Immune system


The most predominant and the most needed food at winter times is chicken. The basic nature of chicken is to generate immense heat in our body.

Bengal Gram

If for vegans it is chicken and for non-vegans, it is Bengal Grams. This is one of the best vegan food where it is loaded with proteins in it.


that supports well during winter is Egg. It is similar to chicken as it produces immense heat in the internal body. that supports the digestive system.


where it can be consumed during all the seasons as it gives great benefits to the body. Since it contains Omega 3 fatty acids in it.


One of the best foods or a starter for winter is soup. It is generally consume before the meal. where it boosts the hunger level in our body.


One of the best snacks during winter is Corn. Corns are mostly available in two types. One is American-originate corn and the next one is Indian type.

Hot Chocolate

You may get surprise after seeing hot chocolate on this list. This is because hot chocolates are the best in providing enough strength to the bones.

Ginger Tea

This is one of the best medicine cum foods during the winter seasons. Though Ginger has the best medicinal quality. that resists during winter.

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