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Basant Panchami

This is the festival that has been celebrated for Lord Saraswati. She considers that on this day Lord Durga has given birth to Lord Saraswati, the God of music, art, and learning.

Also, Basant represents the meaning of water, and Panchami represents five. The reason why it is named with a meaning of this is, the winter is ending, and spring starts, quickly after that the summer arrives.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, this festival has been celebrated. To make the festival more fun just like Makar Sankranti.. From the kids to adults they start to fly their kites above the sky. This is because once the winter ends and spring starts, in that season, change the wind and starts to blow with a blistering speed. At that time, kite flying is in the heat that everyone loves to play with.

On this day, we make our kids study, after all, it is the day celebrated by the goddess of education.

You may ask why this day is celebrated as Basant Panchami or even called Saraswati Puja. It takes you to a mythological story. Where Lord Brahma created this big world, and one day he had a wish to see this world directly with his own eyes.

Once he noticed that the earth has no music, and people are under loneliness. He just used his ka manual and sprinkled water in the air. There appears an angel over a tree and she is requested to play something so that the world will have some music. You know who that lady, the goddess of music Saraswati is.

More importantly, in Saraswati pooja, we used to keep our study materials in front of the goddess. To believe that would improve our skills and ability in our studies. Basant Panchami has a significant yellow color.

It signifies prosperity, love, kindness, and its belief. So that the entire festival is covered up with yellow. Lord Saraswati used to wear a yellow saree and the decorations had done with yellow flowers and turmeric powders. Even more varieties of yellow are used. In that case, how do we miss yellow cooking foods?

If you didn’t have any idea of what to cook and how to cook. Here you can find a simple solution to my recipes that all have delicious yellow-colored foods. That make your festival more divine and auspicious. So let’s make the festival more yellow and let’s add more love and kindness with those colors. Take your pen and get ready for the yummy recipes.