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Diwali is a festival of lights. In the Diwali festival, people celebrate 5 more festivals was name is vagh Baras, Dhan teras, Diwali, bestu varas, and Bhai dooj these names are spoken in Gujarat but all over India have different names of these small Diwali festivals.
More commonly known as Deepavali means “rows of Lightning lamps”. Diwali is the most celebrated festival all over India. Many people celebrate Diwali in their style. People do light up the lamps across the whole house, temples, and public places are decorated with different decorations and diyas.
According to Hinduism, the Diwali festival is celebrated for deity returns after their 14 year’s exile. Also one more reason, goddess Durga gets victory over demon king Mahishasura. To celebrate this victory and end of exile, we celebrate the Diwali festival to light up the diyas for the welcome of god ram ad goddess Sita.
People can enjoy this festival with Diwali special sweets, fireworks, and rangolis. At the Diwali festival, everyone gives gifts and sweets to each other but the taste of homemade sweets is different from what the shop-bought. The festival of Diwali is imperfect without Deepavali sweets. A part of the snacks has a unique place in the Diwali festival menu.
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