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Navratri is a Hindu festival that is celebrated for 10 days in India. The Navratri means nine nights which is celebrated for the victory of goddess Durga because she killed the evil demon king Mahishasura. On the tenth day after Navratri, we celebrate the Dussehra festival. The reason behind it is that God Rama, which was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He killed the Lanka king Ravana and got victory over him.
Navratri is the most important festival for Hinduism. In the Navratri festival, Goddess Durga is adorned with kumkum, a colorful sari, ornaments, flowers and many other items. During these nine days people worship Goddess Durga and pray for wisdom and prosperity. The navratri is celebrated two times in a year. One is Chaitra navratri is comes starting of the spring season and second is the Sharad navratri which is comes in autumn season.
On the days of Navratri, people fast and make vrat ka khana at home. Different dishes are made and offered to mother Durga as prasadam. Garlic and onion are not included in these dishes as they are not included in the fasting meal.
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Throughout the days of Navratri people eat only vegetarian food they don’t eat non-vegetarian food on Navratri days. With the help of my navratri special food collection you get unique and amazing recipe ideas to eat with yummy good taste. That will keeping you energized throughout the day during vrat or navratri days.
You can make various navratri recipes for 9 days with this navratri special food collection. With old tradition also people do fasting for nine days by consuming just water.
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