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Benefits Of Clove are advantageous for healthy routine

benefits of cloves


Here, you will get the amazing Benefits Of Clove ad it’s nutrition values. So, let’s get into the list of Benefits Of Clove.

Cloves are one of the famous spices that have been used in most of our favorite dishes. Foods like biryani, Kesari, most of the spicy dishes. Like pulav, and even more, have cloves in them. Which gives additional taste to the food and is packed with more nutrients. In this article, let us discuss how cloves are good for food. The human body, its merits, and its demerits as well.



Demerits And Benefits Of Clove

Cloves are the ultimate source of Vitamin C. It has enough amount of vitamin C, where it has many benefits. It has anti-oxidants. That helps to prevent oxidative stress and protects the cells and tissues of our body. Vitamin C keeps our skin hydrated, and it prevents us from the aging factor of the skin, which makes us younger. Its helps to manage the blood pressure of the body, which makes the blood get a proper flow on the body.

This even reduces the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, and it lowers the risk of heart disease as well. It even prevents iron deficiency and boosts our immune system. That resists bacterial infections. Like colds, cough, fever, etc. It provides great memory power to us as well. In 100 grams of cloves, it possesses 30 mg of vitamin C.

It also contains high Vitamin A. which helps to boost the eye power of our body. Its prevents night blindness as well. It even helps to boost the performance. The metabolism as well as improve performance and plays a vital role in the immune system of our body. Vitamin A even helps to strengthen the bones and teeth. It prevents corrosion, where 100 grams of Cloves has 27 mcg of Vitamin A.


Demerits And Benefits Of Clove

Generally, cloves are high in Potassium and Iron. For 100 grams of cloves, it is up to 11 grams of Potassium, where it is the most important mineral in our body. It helps to take care of the muscle contraction of the body that helps to prevent us from cramps. It too helps to maintain the pressure of our body. Its potassium plays a major role in maintaining the stability of our body. It too has iron, where 100 grams of cloves contains 8.6 mg of iron. That helps to absorb vitamins, and it manufactures red blood cells of the body. As it carries quality oxygen to the body that leads to a healthy life, and a proper function of blood as well.


Demerits And Benefits Of Clove

For 100 grams of cloves, it contains 20 grams of fat. But those fats are monosaturated and polyunsaturated. These fats are burned out and make you slim. Where it doesn’t contain any saturated fats in it to improve the cholesterol level. Calcium is up to 50 mg in 100 grams of cloves. Which helps to improve the bones and teeth of the body and resists the corrosion of teeth as well.


Demerits And Benefits Of Clove

The cavity is a common thing that all of us having it in our teeth. The cavity is attained due to the high intake of chocolates, caramels, and sweets. Which leads to the change in color of the teeth from white to yellow. For some persons, it leads to sensitivity as they feel more suffering in having any food. Cloves help to remove the sensitivity of the teeth as it is one of the best natural medicine for tooth cavities.


Demerits And Benefits Of Clove

Cloves are an all-rounder that not only has nutrients. It to a natural essence that helps to remove the mouth odor as well. After having a non-vegetarian, release of toxic gas after having a tight meal. Even for more mouth odor factors. It’s having cloves either as raw or adding in a meal helps to remove the odor smell of the mouth. Even cloves can be consumed during our very first morning time, as it kills all the bacteria in our mouth.

Having cloves with hot water removes the unwanted gases in the body. Where it is a medicinal treatment for improper digestion of the body and acidity as well.


Demerits And Benefits Of Clove
  • Though cloves have the best nutrients. It too has certain limitations where we have to take them under notice.
  • Cloves can cause hypoglycemia where it leads to a lower blood sugar level in the body. It may lead to low sugar causes fainting and instability to the body. So cloves are not supposed to give it to kids who are under the age of 10.
  • Overdosage of cloves leads to stomach pain, dysentery, diarrhea, dizziness. It even weakens the muscles as well.
  • Cloves may affect the liver as well. Over intake of cloves leads to affect the liver as it leads to failure of the function in rare cases. It slows down the secretion process as well. It even causes sore throat and causes fever as well.
  • Cloves even cause itching and irritation if the intake is high, as it irritates the genital part as well.


In this article you will get a better idea of the Benefits Of Clove, and it’s nutrition values. Though clove is not the main ingredient. It is a must ingredient that is added as a spice in our foods where we consume every day. Consuming clove every day is good to go, but having a high amount of clove leads to severe issues as well. Having 1-2 cloves in a day is good to go.


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