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Unhealthy Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

Foods that can cause Food Poisoning


Foods are the basic need of our body. Whether our body is healthy or not. whether we live a long life or not. whether our internal organs are functioning properly or not. everything is determined by the proper intake of healthy foods in our body. In this article let us describe the foods that are possibly causing food poisoning in our bodies.


Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

Chicken is the common food and the most important food as well required by our body. It is richly loaded with protein as it helps to build the cells and tissues in our body. Chicken regains the health in your body at a faster rate, where it helps to give immense energy to the body. The main defect of chicken is that it is meat. it has a faster expiry date where it lasts for a maximum of 1.5 days once we used to cook it. Once it has been cooked, having it at instants is good for the health. otherwise, it may cause digestive issues, dysentery, diarrhea, etc.


Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

Mutton is the best coolant food. where it helps to lower the temperature of our body, and it is the best food during the summer seasons. It reduces the hunger level for more time, and it boosts the satiety hormones of the body that keeps you feeling full. It takes a long time for digestion. if you consume mutton. that is expired it takes more and more time for digestion causes farting. that creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, diarrhea, dysentery, and even more. Consuming mutton that is young and fresh and having it during lunch is good for our health.


Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

You may wonder how spinach will come to the list. It is the most important green vegetable that is load with nutrients. It is rich in Vitamin C. where it helps to prevent the cells and tissues of the body from oxidative stress. as it is rich in enzymes call collagen, which is responsible for the flexibility of bones and skin as well. Spinach is good to consume during lunchtime. as it gives enough stability the body suppresses the hunger hormones. It boosts up the satiety hormones as well. but having spinach during dinner time is not suggest. as it disturbs the body system adversely. it affects the digestive system in our body causes food poisoning for and prolongs to the next day as well.


Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

Banana is one of the best fruits on the planet, that is responsible to provide enough nutrients in the body. It gives immense energy to the body. Where it provides instant energy to the body. It is rich in potassium. which plays an important role in the muscular contraction of the body. It prevents cramps as it provides enough stability to the body as well. Even Though bananas are naturally best, they expire soon. Once the banana is dispatch from the tree it must be consume within 48 hours of that time. Otherwise, it may cause food poisoning to the body. where it leads to dysentery, diarrhea, stomach upsets as well.


Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

Milk generally contains Calcium. It is one of the domestic foods that are consume every day by us where it is the most needed food in our body. Its helps to strengthen the bones and teeth of our body. It provides good fat in our body, maintains the body weight and a balanced diet. It gives enough stability and instant energy. Once the milk has been pour into the pan. it must be stored in refrigerators, or otherwise, it gets ferment. it may expire soon that causes vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery. which even leads to spoiling the day as well.


Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

Since meats have a faster expiration date, one of the important meats joins the list. Fish is rich in Vitamin C, natural Omega 3 fatty acids. that helps to prevent the cells and tissues of the body from oxidative stress. it keeps us feeling younger irrespective of age. It is also rich in energy and good fats that give enough stability to the body. But fishes have a much faster expiration date once. it has caught from the ocean or river. it must be preserve soon from the expiration, as it may extend up to the maximum of one or two days.


Foods that can cause Food Poisoning

Another essential domestic food that tops the list is Egg. It is also a kind of non-vegan food that is rich in protein where it helps to build the cells and tissues of the body. Its helps to induce the reproductive system in the body. It maintains the energy level of the body, rich in protein. that helps to regain health at a faster rate, and builds the cells and tissues of the body as well. Once the egg is boil it must be consume at least 4-5 hours after that, or otherwise, it may cause food poisoning. that leads to farting gas, stomach upsets and even in rare cases, it causes fever as well.


In this article, you were well clear about the major foods that cause poisoning. These are the foods that we use in our common days at our kitchen stoves to cook. Even every day or at least twice a week. SO, knowing the expiry dates of these foods is not only a piece of knowledge. But also our duty to know it well. Have this information in mind while consuming them.

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