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Types of Cooking Oil


For healthy foods, cooking oil is needed. Almost ⅔ rd of our daily routine foods are fried, cooked, or sauteed with the help of oil. it determines our heart health, cholesterol level. even more factors, So it is mandatory to choose the cooking oil that. we consume in our daily meal and also need to know about its types.

Types of Cooking Oil

The oil that we use for domestic purposes especially in our homes are

1. Vegetable Oil

2. Palm Oil

3. Coconut Oil

4. Avocado Oil

5. Peanut Oil

6. Sesame Oil

7. Olive Oil and

8. Castor Oil

How to Use them

Vegetable Oil

Types of Cooking Oil And How to use them

Vegetable Oils are extracted from plants and some fats. It has highly unsaturated fats that are good to get enough nutrients in the body. Vegetable Oils are generally use for frying, cooking all the vegetable stuff. that is need by vegans where it gives enough taste and nutrients, also a great combination. It Vegetable oils occur in two types at the market. one is natural, and the other is refined where we used to consume refined oils most of the time. Vegetable Oils are not preferred to cook non-vegetarians. where the fats in plants and the fats in animals get mixed up and could cause some problems as well. Using vegetable oils for vegetable foods is preferable.

Coconut Oil

Types of Cooking Oil And How to use them

This oil is not much used in practice, but it is one of the best oil to cook foods. Coconut oil is extract from coconuts, and it is available in two forms such Natural and Refined. It is mostly rich in antioxidants. where it helps to prevent the cells and tissues from oxidative stress. It prevents the skin from peeling and makes you younger irrespective of your age. Coconut oil has some unique taste that none of the oils can possess.

But its uniqueness is to its disadvantage. It Coconut oil gives great sweetness to our buds even for spicy foods. where you wouldn’t taste the exact spicy food, especially for non-vegetarians. Coconut Oil reduces blood pressure in our body. it can be consume by people who have high blood pressure and who are intend to taste sweet foods.

Castor Oil

Types of Cooking Oil And How to use them

Castor Oils are use in most domestic practices. It is extract from a plant call castor which is a rounder in the oil category. It is use to cook foods for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. where it gives the approximate taste that we planned to execute. Castor oils are generally available in refined forms where it undergoes certain fermentation. It mainly protects our heart from cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and cardiac arrests.

But it mostly doesn’t help much in taking care of skin from its peeling. Castor oils are compose of both saturated and unnatural foods. that to raise the cholesterol level if the limit of consumption exceeds the limit. Using castor oils in our daily meals is preferable, but we have to make sure that the oil is fresh to consume or not.

Palm Oil

Types of Cooking Oil And How to use them

Palm Oil is one of the most utilize oil that is cheap, and it is also a vegetable oil extract from oil palm trees. It too gets a place in the same category as castor oil. where it is preferrer to cook for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. but palm oils are use majorly for commercial uses. It such as cake, pastries, biscuits, chocolates. even more where refined palm oils are use.

Palm oil is one of the best suggestions to take care of the heart. It gives more freshness to the body. where it supports to get protect from heart diseases. like cardiac arrests, cardiovascular diseases, and stokes as well. Palm oil has a certain fast expiry date. where using the same oil repeatedly will affect the digestive system. It leads to diarrhea and dysentery. Using palm oils for snack items at home is best for taste and health.

Olive oils

Types of Cooking Oil And How to use them

In recent years Olive oils has great demand in the market. In Olive oils, extra virgin olive oils are use in more cases where it is the best one for utilization. Olive oils are rich in antioxidants. that help to protect your skin and cells from oxidative stress. which keeps you younger irrespective of your age. It has the best medicinal values in. which it is use to prevent cancer in our body by suppressing the cancer cells. It’s preventing some serious heart diseases.

Its good for the heart such as cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrests, heart failures, etc. It gives a proper function to the heart. It too gives enough beauty to our face as well in which olive oils are use in soaps, cosmetics, and food items. like cake, rice, biscuits, and meat as well to maintain the diet and benefits for long life. Olive oils are generally high in cost and possess a great demand in the market.

Other Oils

Other oils such as Sesame Oil, Peanut Oil. Avocado Oil are not having much demand in the market. but these oils are good at fats that raise the body weight and maintain the diet. where these fats are good to benefit our body. These oils are not use much for domestic purposes, but they are best for individual purposes. Peanut oils can be consume by underweight people to raise their physique. whereas Avocado oil too plays the same role. it is rich in Antioxidants where it prevents the cells and tissues in the body from oxidative stress.

These are the most used cooking oil in our daily life for domestic uses. that is good at producing nutrients and maintaining body balance as well.

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