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Homemade Garlic Powder | Garlic Powder without dehydrator

This is a great way to preserve garlic and quickly add its distinct flavor to your favorite foods. this Homemade garlic powder is nice to have on hand and you will soon find that making it yourself saves money and time.

When you do not want to put effort into peeling fresh garlic or need a quick garlic bread, you will be thankful to have homemade garlic powder in your spice rack.

Having होममेड गार्लिक पाउडर in your kitchen spice cabinet can be very useful. Because it is 100% pure garlic and the flavor intensity is so rich. Making homemade garlic powder without a dehydrator is very easy.

To make होममेड गार्लिक पाउडर, begin by cutting the peeled cloves into thin slices. Place them in sunlight for dehydrate in a single layer. The garlic is dry when you can crush it in your hand and it crumbles easily. You can use mixture to crush the dry garlic.

Store your finished होममेड गार्लिक पाउडर in an airtight container like a glass jar or empty spice container and place it in a cool, dry spot.

होममेड गार्लिक पाउडर can also be sprinkled on almost anything from pizza to popcorn to soups, meats, vegetables, or any edible that may be improved with extra garlic flavor.

Garlic Powder Video Recipe :

How to make Garlic Powder without dehydrator | Homemade Garlic Powder recipe with step by step photos:

1. Take 1 kg garlic.

Homemade garlic Powder

2. Peel off them skin.

Homemade garlic Powder

3. After the peel off the skin, cut garlic in small pieces or cut in chili cutter.

Homemade garlic Powder

4. Place garlic pieces in plate.

Homemade garlic Powder

5. After that dry in sunlight for 4-5 days.

Homemade garlic Powder

6. Then add them into small blender jar. And blend it.

Homemade garlic Powder

7. After that, stain them into Flour strainer and get smooth powder.

Homemade garlic Powder

8. Ready your garlic powder. You can make dishes with adding this garlic powder.

Homemade garlic Powder

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