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Get Healthy 12 foods that start with I – Being Health Conscious

7 foods that start with I


In this Informative article, I am going to suggest some interesting foods that start with I, Immediately without any delay, let’s get into the action. Here mention those foods that start with I.

List of Foods that start with I:


IDLY - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

It is one of the best breakfasts on the planet. Idly helps to maintain your diet well, rich in carbs and protein that gives more energy to your body and builds a proper immune system.

If you were sick, idli is the best breakfast to have, it digests very easily and gives instant energy as well. The side dish for idly is probably sambar and chutney that is enrich with nutrients such as cereals and vitamins.


IDIYAPPAM - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

After idly, idiyappam is one of the best breakfast to have. The best about both idly and idiyappam is, it doesn’t have any oil, and it is bake to eat so that it activates your brain well, and you get a great response from it.

It is even involve in weight loss and maintains a perfectly balanced diet. The side dish for idiyappam will be usually coconut milk, which helps to flush the germs inside the tummy.


ICE-CREAM - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

Yup!! Now we entered into the most favorite one of most of the people in the world. The reason we do love ice-creams are, it has their varieties and categories. It, too, has their nutritional values as well.

Ice-creams helps to burn the fats in our body, and it helps to cool our body when it is supposed to heat. But even it has some good value, it is request to have it once a week, in cold conditions try to avoid it.


ICED TEA - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

The name itself portrays that the tea powder is mix with ice instead of milk, a pinch of lemon is add to it. It is a must-drink beverage, even you can have it every day. It helps to reduce your stress when you were busy in busy works. It is good for your heart, and prevents the aging factor.

It has good digestion ability, and it also boosts up your metabolism as well. The cost of iced tea is a bit high when compared to dum tea.


ICED COFFEE - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

You may wonder how come a coffee can be cold because a hot one has its value. But when you have an iced coffee, it boosts up your mood as the normal one does.

Also, it helps to prevent us from Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s as well. Like iced tea, it boosts your metabolism. But the cost of iced coffee is much higher when compared to the hot one, it is a good choice beverage for occasional use.


ICEBERG LETTUCE - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

It is a vegetable that looks similar to cabbage. The name iceberg refers to that the leaves of this lettuce are crunchy to the bite. Likewise, it is packed with vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K, and folate.

Which means iceberg lettuce helps you to prevent blood clots. It is good for your eye vision. More importantly, it helps to produce healthy red blood cells that carry the oxygen to the whole body.


ITALIAN BREAD - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

Bread resembles the symbol of life, it was the first food found for survival and originated in Italy. That’s why Italy is best at bread. Italian bread is one of the world’s finest bread.

Having a fluffy center and thin crispy linings that feels like heaven. It can be chewed easily and the main breakfast for most of the countries, applied with jam helps to improve the glucose level and sugar level as well. It helps to maintain a proper diet and involves in weight loss also.


IODIZED SALT - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

Though iodine salts are not directly edible, indirectly it is a must-adding component in every form of food. Iodine is a component that we need every day, and that is the major component that adds a proper taste to every food.

Iodine activates our brain nerves and can do smart thinking. It’s preventing us from heart disease, and iodine is more important for bones and teeth to make them more strong.

Even brushing is teeth with iodized salt is much preferable when compared to toothpaste. It, too, helps our body to be in hydration for a long time.


INDIAN MANGO - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

We all well know that “Mango is the King of fruit”, and Indian mangoes have some higher values in them. Naturally, Indian soil conditions have the best capability to get enriched mangoes.

That’s why mango is the national fruit of India. The best part of the mango is even though it possesses high sweetness. It can be consumed even by Type-2 diabetes patients because it prevents diabetes.

It helps to boost your immune system. Besides, it is low in calories, so it helps for fast weight loss, and it maintains your heart health.


INDIAN MUSTARD - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

We won’t consume mustard in a raw form, but still, it is a must-adding component in most of our favorites. In meats like chicken, beef, and pork.

Mustard has been applied to remove the microbial bacteria. As well, it helps to protect our skin and hair, lowers the risk factors of cancer. Best medicine for cold and reduces inflammation as well. You can also add mustard to your foods in case of high healthiness.


ICE-CREAM BEAN - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

It is a vegetable available in South America. It is a seasonal vegetable where it also provides fruits that give us more health benefits. The fruit of the ice-cream bean is filled with Vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers.

Which helps in the digestion process, are good for the eyes. It assists in preventing cell damage from oxidative stress, and act as a carrier for various nutrients.


ICE-WATER - Healthy 7 foods that start with I

Well, since we talked about several foods, and its nutritional values, how come we skip this one. You may have a question about water as food, the answer is yes, of course, it is also food that has high medicinal values.

Drinking ice water makes you feel full, and it helps to boost your metabolism, gives great freshness to your body. It is great for your immune system as well. You may drink iceless water enormously, but for ice water, there must be a limit, since it is not good for weight loss.


Here you will find some interesting and nutritious foods that start with I, Even change starts with “I” only, which means us. So, “I” (us) have to decide which one is best for you.

At last i m just saying is if you want to live for last long you must be healthy person and to being healthy person you should eat healthy foods which contains high vitamin and minerals foods. As mention above, the list of foods that start with I contain the those foods what people eat mostly and liked foods.

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