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Benefits of Soursop and Its demerits – Get Healthiness

by Vaishali Dhami
Benefits of SoursoP


Soursop is one of the fruit trees that has a rare availability, and it is been consumed as tea for domestic uses. In this article, let us discuss how Soursop has been benefitted our bodies. So, let’s explore the Benefits of Soursop and demerits along with its nutrition values as well.

Benefits of Soursop

Rich in Vitamin C

Benefits of Soursop and Its demerits – Get Healthiness

Soursops are the best ones. That is enriched with Vitamin C. In 100 grams of Soursop has 20 mg of Vitamin C. that helps to protect the cells and tissues of the body. It is best Benefits of Soursop. Where it prevents from the skin peeling off the body and makes you younger irrespective of age. These vitamins play an important role in stabilizing the free radicals of the body by protecting healthy cells. It contains an enzyme called Collagen. That plays an essential role in the flexibility of skin and joints.

High in Energy and Provides a Great Weight Loss

Benefits of Soursop and Its demerits – Get Healthiness

Soursops tea is best to have during the morning time. This is because it has a high amount of calories in it. Which helps to provide more amount of energy to the body. Which boosts the metabolism, central nervous system of the body. It provides enough reflexes and makes us perform any function with great efficiency. In 100 grams of sunflower seeds, it is up to 275 calories of energy.

Soursops are also responsible for weight loss. It doesn’t have any cholesterol in it. As it helps to maintain the cholesterol level in our body. initially, after that, it helps to burn the unwanted fats and lowers the cholesterol level of the body. For people who intend to reduce their weight or to reduce their tummy. Soursops tea gives great benefits for weight loss.

A Good Food For Blood Production

Benefits of Soursop and Its demerits – Get Healthiness

Soursops are rich in Vitamin B9 called Folic acid or Folate. The main role of folate is to produce the red blood cells of the body to all the overall parts. Which help to produce quality red blood cells. That helps to carry out the oxygen throughout the entire body. Which makes us stronger, gives enough strength to the eyes, heart. It makes the brain function smart and keeps our muscles in a good grip as well. One hundred grams of Vitamin B9 contains up to 14mcg of Folic Acid.


Benefits of Soursop and Its demerits – Get Healthiness

Having Soursops helps to reduce your weight adversely. Since soursops have zero cholesterol. It doesn’t higher your cholesterol level. So that the weight won’t be gained easily. it helps to replace the fats for burning in the production of calories. Which makes you slimmer. This helps to reduce the weight of the body, which helps you to prevent heart strokes and heart diseases.

Important Minerals

Benefits of Soursop and Its demerits – Get Healthiness

In 100 grams of Soursops, it contains 0.5 grams of iron, 14 mg of calcium, 21 mg of magnesium, 27 mg of phosphorus, 280 mg of potassium.

Iron is the most important mineral. That involves manufacturing the red blood cells of the body. Absorbs the vitamins, and provides enough blood flow of the body. It gives enough red blood cells to the body, where it provides oxygen to the body.

Calcium helps to strengthen the bones and teeth of the body. Which helps to prevent corrosion as well, and it helps to function the heart at a proper rate. Magnesium helps to regulate the blood pressure of the body. Which absorbs the vitamins of the body. where it activates the biochemical reactions of the body, promotes the metabolism, supports the nervous system and the central body system as well. It even helps to prevent type-1 and type-2 diabetes in the body.

The main benefit of Soursop is, it is high in Potassium. Which plays an important role in the muscular contraction of the body. This even boosts muscular function and prevents muscular cramps in the body. Its even helps to regulate the blood pressure of the body. It even helps to prevent the muscular cramps of the body as well.

It too has phosphorus in which 100 grams of Soursops contains 25 mg of phosphorus. That plays an essential role in hair growth and prevents hair fall of the body.

Demerits of Soursops

Benefits of Soursop and Its demerits – Get Healthiness
  • Even though Soursops have some essential benefits, it too has some demerits as well.
  • Soursops are not good for the nervous system. It may affect the nervous system. Where it affects the reflex actions adversely, and it causes uneven shakes of hands as well.
  • Soursops are high in Parkinson’s disease. Researches suggest that soursops create a high possibility of Parkinson’s disease. That may affect the human body adversely.
  • Having a high amount of Soursops leads to affect the cardiovascular system of the body. Which may lead to heart strokes, and heart diseases as well.


I hope in this article, you were well clear about soursops. Their Benefits of Soursop, and their limitations. Try Soursops at least once in your lifetime and beware of its limits as well.


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