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In our weekly list, to eat foods, we mention fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, good quality fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals, ad many more. While reading this list of foods you may have felt, oh my gosh, give me a break am I have to eat these many foods like that.

But imagine what if all those above-stated nutrients are available in a single food. What? Is there any food available like this on this planet? You may have some of these crazy thoughts and questions in your mind. But thinking about it, but actually, the answer is “yes”. There is food available for that. That is known as “Smoothie”. this is the combo of nuts, fruits, vegetables that have protein, carbohydrates, high-quality fats, vitamins, minerals, and even more.

A watermelon Smoothie Recipe is a perfect replacement for a meal. It reduces food cravings so that it prevents us from weight loss.

Also, It is a complete pack of all nutrients, so it gives the daily required nutrients that we need to have. It has a high fiber content so that it makes digestion very easy and in that smoothie. Now we are going to look at Watermelon Smoothie.

And one more time you may ask why watermelon smoothie? Since smoothie is best suited for Apple, lychee, peach, mango, etc., but why it is watermelon.

Here comes the uniqueness that takes place. Since we know that watermelon is rich in water and good for the heart. it’s a different try that chills your body by reducing the heat packed along with lots of nutrients.

When you are hitting the field or forget to have your breakfast. In urgent scenarios, learning for exams, planning to do a long journey, night outs, and wanna do fasting. In all these Situations, this watermelon smoothie takes place a role. It longs last for more hours than breakfast food and even a meal.

So, it is the best backup for you in some unavoidable situations. It is very easy to make. Also, this can be stored for even a week. So, that I even the best choice when you want to eat at late nights, watching TV as well.

Let’s have a look at it and without any delay. Take your paper and pen with your side and note down. this short recipe list for the tasty watermelon smoothie, Here it comes.

Watermelon Smoothie Video Recipe :

How to make Watermelon Smoothie Recipe | Melon Smoothie With Cream recipe with step by step photos:

1. First, take a watermelon, cut it in the middle.

watermelon smoothie

2. after that, cut it into pieces and put it on a plate.

watermelon smoothie

3. In a blender jar, put the watermelon pieces.

watermelon smoothie

4. Add 1 tbsp. sugar in the jar.

watermelon smoothie

5. Add 1 cup chilled fresh cream.

watermelon smoothie

6. Add some ice cubes in the jar.

watermelon smoothie

7. Add tbsp. milk powder in the jar.

watermelon smoothie

8. Cover the lid and make smooth paste.

watermelon smoothie

9. Now pour the mixture into the empty watermelon grind and add some watermelons into it.

watermelon smoothie

10. On top of that, add some chilled cream and dry fruit crust for added taste, and even you may use honey or maple syrup as an alternative.

watermelon smoothie

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