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Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking


Making, consuming, and Enjoying delicious foods. There are the daily lifestyles of all individuals. Also, many people love cooking. Whether rich or poor he/she earns only for eatables. Now, as we know that food has become the daily routine schedule so, why not make them quickly and easily? If we put easiness in making food or informing of snack lifestyle will be very simple then. As we all know, we spend almost half a day in our daily routine making food. So, why not make them easily and quickly? As it will save much of the time of daily routine. So, here are the top 10 basic cooking hacks everyone must know:-

Dry the essential herbs in the microwave oven

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

Herbs are an important part of any kind of food. They not only serve a decorative purpose but also, provide essential minerals in the body. One must buy herbs in large quantities from the market to use them for the whole week. But, the question arises will herbs be good for storage for such a long interval of time? So, here is the key to this. Put the purchased herbs in a microwave oven and then dry them for 10-20 seconds. And here they are ready to store. Follow this hack and don’t stress about storing fresh herbs!

Store the eggs in the refrigerator for some days if you want a quick peel off

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

Eating eggs are easy but peeling their outer cover is just a very difficult task. So, why not think of such a hack which can help in peeling off eggs easily? Here’s the way. Boiling eggs and then eating them are very nutritious to eat. But, after boiling eggs, it becomes tough to peel off their outer cover. So, when you buy eggs make sure their freshness lasts at least about one week.

By doing so one could preserve eggs in the fridge for 3-4 days. And then at the time when one wishes to eat eggs. We can eat them in a very easy manner by just peeling off their outer cover and enjoying eating them. Follow the same basic cooking hacks to speed up your egg-making routine!

Use wet paper towels to cover the bottles of soda for quick cooling

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

Summers are incomplete without having a cool soda. As cool soda in any season provides relief to the internal body. But, what if there is the sudden arrival of guests at your home, and you just bought the soda from the store? So, here’s the way how to solve this issue. Just wet a towel with water and wrap it around the bottles of soda.

It will effectively cool the soda. This basic cooking hacks will not only save your time but, also help with the stress of storing large bottles of soda in the fridge. So, follow this hack for quick cooling of soda or any other drinks!

Splash chocolate on an air-filled balloon and make consumable sweet cups

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

Desserts are one of the favorite parts of meals. And chocolate flavored dessert is kind of preferred dessert of many people. So, why not make an easy way to enjoy chocolate-flavored dessert? For this, first, you need to melt some chocolates in a bowl. After melting of chocolate, immerse an air-filled balloon in this bowl.

Now, chocolate will be spread and stuck to the balloon in semi-circular form. Then wait for it to get cool. When it gets cooled burst the balloon in the semi-circular-shaped chocolate. Finally, the chocolaty edible bowls for the dessert are ready. One can put scoops of ice cream in this bowl and eat the delicious taste of dessert. So, follow the above basic cooking hacks to enjoy decorative as well as delicious desserts!

Put tofu over lemon slice and then grill it

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

If tofu is put directly on the grill, it results in the breaking of tofu. But, if you place tofu over the lemons and then grill them; it becomes easier to grill without breakage. Also, lemons will result in a good taste of tofus. So, follow this hack for a delicious taste!

Mix vegetable oil and herbs and then freeze them to include them in different food

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

When you wish to enjoy the fresh taste of herbs, keep them in the fridge with vegetable oil over it and next freeze them. Now, when next time you will cook something. Put those frozen solids over them and enjoy their delicious taste. So, follow this basic cooking hacks for the fresh taste of herbs!

Cook large quantity of food on Sunday and then store them in the refrigerator

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

Don’t waste a Sunday laying in the bed. Make edible foods. like baked items, tofus, vegetables, and several other items. and store them up in plastic containers. Now during the weekdays just use them up, and we would enjoy the delicious and quick foods on weekdays. So, follow such hacks for good weekdays!

Use frozen bananas for ice cream’s base

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

To enjoy healthy ice cream; freeze the bananas. For this, first, freeze the bananas then mix them up to make a good ice cream base. This can be done also, by mixing them with other fruits. This hack is good for health and homemade ice creams. So, follow such a basic cooking hacks for healthy ice cream!

Soak tamarind in warm water and store them

Top 10 basic cooking hacks to help in easy cooking

While making any food of tart taste use this hack. First, we have to peel tamarind and then soak them in warm water. Put this tamarind that has been soaked in a container. Then store them in the fridge for about 7 days. This would aid you to give sour flavor to different dishes like curry. So, follow this hack for the sour and delicious taste of all other tart foods!

These were some basic cooking hacks that everybody should be aware of. They are very helpful to us. They also save our time and money. One should try these hacks.


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